My Favorite Water Filter Bottle

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My favorite water filter bottle is the Berkey Sports Bottle. I have these in my 72-hour bug out bags or kits. I actually gave these as Christmas gifts one year. Yep, it’s the prepper in me. These are great to use when camping or hiking. You can scoop the muddy water and filter it directly from the lake. Have you been camping, hiking or traveling in another country and thought “I wish I had a way to filter/purify this water”? Well, I have my favorite water filter to show you today.

You probably know by now I’m a no non-sense chick. I want to buy the right item the first time. I always do a lot of research and THEN I purchase. I have been given several bottles over the years and I must say the Berkey Sports Water Bottle is still my favorite. I am not a microbiologist, just so you know. I’m just reading the literature available on several websites, container boxes, etc. Yes, I have used the bottles and I’m still alive. I must admit I have only scooped lake water and not muddy lake water. If I use muddy water it will limit how many times I can filter water with the filter in my bottle.

Water Filter Berkey Sports Bottle

The BerkeySportst Bottle is designed to take camping, hiking or traveling in locations where you might question the water sources. It’s great to use in stagnant pools or anywhere you think the water might be sub-standard to drink. Let me explain.

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It removes the contaminants through the specially designed absorption filter. Here are the stats for use:

Questionable Water Source: 160 refills or 25 gallons

Municipal Water (city): 640 refills or 100 gallons

Shelf Life Rocks

I’m all about shelf life. This water filter bottle has a shelf life of 50 years. You read that right, 50 years!

Maintenance & Storage

I store mine in my 72-hour kits and I have some in my C.E.R.T. bags. If you use the bottles all you do is wash them with 1/4 teaspoon of bleach to one gallon of fresh water. Push the water through the bottle. Air dry completely before storing.

Do Not Freeze or Use Hot Water

Never freeze water in one of these or it will damage the water filter. Please don’t filter any water warmer than 95 degrees or it will damage the unit. Also, you can’t microwave this water filter.

These are my favorite go to water filter bottles for disasters or unforeseen emergencies. You will want to start buying a few and putting them in your 72-hour kits or bug out bags. After all, it’s all about being prepared for the unexpected.

Berkey Sports Bottle

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