My Favorite Kind Of Food Storage

My Favorite Kind Of Food Storage

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This is my favorite kind of food storage, when you can stretch a meal from one can of meat, for instance, for an entire family. When my girls were growing up we always had taco Fridays. I bet you can picture what I’m about to say, I would add rice to stretch the cooked 1/2 pound hamburger for six people. Sometimes, I would add leftover hash browns. Right? Well, Pleasant Hill Grain asked me if I would do a review on some of the new food storage items they carry. You may remember that company because I mention them when I’m doing a post on my colored 5-gallon buckets with matching Gamma lids. Yep, that’s the company. These opinions today are my own, I will never agree to do a review on items I will not use or eat myself, so let’s get started. P.S. I can tell you I love everything they sell on their website. I’ve been using them to purchase so many products over the years.

These are the items I received, as shown above, for two reasons I will show you a few cans that are open. I wanted to see what was in some of the cans and I’m sure you do too! I have recommended the “Red Feather” butter in a can for years, it’s butter and It’s yummy! I have heard about the “Bega Cheese” from Australia but had never tried it. It tastes a little like Velveeta cheese, but a little milder. It would be a great treat on crackers after a disaster! Trust me on that one, we will soon get tired of peanut butter and jelly on crackers. Although, that sounds pretty good right now! LOL! If you can’t or have no desire to make bread, store a few boxes of crackers that we’ll need to fill our bellies with some food. Add some of this meat with some mayo on the crackers, or add it to a casserole and we have a meal.

My Favorite Kind of Food Storage

The box came with a note and I quote part of it, “The largest consumption region for canned cheese is the Middle East, but Bega isn’t a Middle-Eastern company, it’s an Australian company and their cheese is produced in Australia. Bega uses the same packaging for cheese that’s shipped worldwide, so the labeling and certification is designed to best suit the areas where their products are most popular.” I’m using the cooked ground beef shown above in some chili tonight, add some beans, diced tomatoes, and spices and I’m good to go. I have grated cheese and chopped onion with crackers on the side. I love it!

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I’ve seen this cheese available at so many emergency preparedness stores and wondered what it looked like. I was always hoping they had testers of the cheese like at Costco. I would buy it for sure now to add to my food storage stash. Add some salsa with it and bring on the tortilla chips, yummy!

Here’s a picture of the bacon right out of the “Yoder’s” bacon can. I did a post on Yoder’s bacon and compared it to a package of the slightly thin cooked bacon from Costco in the refrigerator section a few years ago. It’s the same thing or seems like the same thing to me. It had the exact same number of slices, yes it did! Awesome, huh? Yet, the can takes up so little space on the pantry shelf (no refrigeration required). You will love some bacon in your food storage for a special treat when the freezers do not work because of a power outage. It makes me want a BLT as in bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich right now. Everything is better with bacon on it, don’t you think so?

My Favorite Kind of Food Storage

I was really glad Pleasant Hill Grain sent me a can of Ghee-Clarified butter. Here’s the deal, I took the classes last year from the USU via the USDA and passed the test to receive my Master Preserver Canning Certificate. I learned how to preserve (pressure can, water bath, dehydrate, etc.) many things. I did learn we cannot can the following items:

  1. Butter or Ghee (clarified butter, because it still has too much fat). Let me explain how you can use this can of Ghee. You can use it to barbecue your meat, saute and fry egg dishes, veggies, and dipping sauces. Use it for baking healthier cakes, pies, pastries, and candy. It has a great flavor on popped popcorn. you can use it in place of 1/2 to 2/3 as much of your regular cooking oils. It’s lactose-free and has no trans fat. The ingredients are fresh pasteurized cream.
  2. Bacon, it’s not safe, it has too much fat
  3. Eggs
  4. Milk, because of too much fat
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I know I have received several emails saying people have links where you can follow on how to safely “can them”, sorry, I follow the USDA guidelines. They suggest we do not. I have been canning food for over 50 years and I follow the USDA rules. It’s how I roll. I love that commercial companies make it available in a safe way for us to store for future use on our pantry shelves.

The canned turkey and chicken have no water added, only salt and pepper. They would be great in casseroles, or add some mayo for sandwiches. The pork and beef chunks also have no water added, just salt and pepper. I grew up on roast beef leftover meat with mayo and relish, so that can is ready to open for me any day now! I like the size of the cans because I can make the following items and more with any of the canned meats:

  1. tacos
  2. enchiladas
  3. pork carnitas
  4. soups
  5. stews
  6. casseroles
  7. beef stroganoff
  8. pork burritos
  9. chicken burritos
  10. beef burritos
  11. creamed turkey over crepes
  12. chili

You get what I’m saying, the menus are not limited at all. The meats are all cooked, we just add them to any meal, easy peasy. Thank you, Pleasant Hill Grain for giving me the chance to share my favorite kind of food storage with my readers. May God bless you for your effort to fill your shelves with food your family will enjoy eating.

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    1. Hi Alice, I was thinking the same thing. At my age I’m not going to pressure can a lot of meat. I can buy a few cans of this meat and I’m good. I no longer have a large family at home. Yes, they would be good to store in remote cabins! Linda

  1. Hello again. I have used all of the above products. I especially love the Yoder’s canned bacon.The first can we got from a gun shop that my son goes to regularly. We didn’t try it right away. But when we did, we bought 6 more cans, which has grown to 2 cases now. I have a couple of cases in storage of the Bega Cheese which has been used many times for quick mac n cheese. We , like I mentioned , have tried all of the products . And have all of them in our storage. I try to add to my storage on a monthly basis. I do a lot of home canning and bake both regular and gluten free breads. (The gluten free breads are for my nephew that has Celiac’s) I have 2 grain mills, both of which are manual. I would love an electric one but the cost is a bit much for me at this time. I also make my own soy milk. I have a great grandson that is Lactose Intolerant. I continue to buy books that will help me better prepare for whatever may come in our future. I am not where I want to be, but I am a lot closer than I was 5 years ago. I feel better knowing I can help provide for my family . We each have skills and share our knowledge. My Grandfather always used to tell me, ‘never stop learning and never be afraid to try something new”. Thank you for all your posts and recommendations . God Bless and keep on prepping.

    1. Hi, Judy, oh my gosh, you can make mac and cheese with that canned cheese? I love hearing this! keep up the good work by learning new skills and teach others! I love your comment! Hugs! Linda

    1. Hi Janet, I use rice all the time to stretch meals even for just Mark and I. I love a good bean burrito with rice (no cheese) and salsa, lots of salsa! Hugs! Linda

  2. To can eggs,you dehydrate them first,grind into a powder,then dry can them with oxygen obsorbers. I’ve done 4 cases of pints and they are great! in pint jars

    1. I have many quart and pint jars of dried eggs….not commerical eggs.
      Just don’t fill the fruit roll up tray too much(5 eggs whisked) ..and be sure the dehydrator is where you want it when filling trays…it can’t be moved without spilling eggs.
      I’ve used the eggs in baking cakes, cornbread and it’s great.

  3. I grew up in mtns and we stretched meat with lots of things. A big favorite was chunked meat in gravy served on mashed potatoes. You can put diced onion and mushrooms in it too. Mushrooms and wheat have a meaty texture.

    1. HI hillbilly girl, Oh my gosh, I grew up on gravy with meat over mashed potatoes! I have some relatives that do not like gravy……I always ask “Really”, I love gravy! LOL! I have never tried wheat, I will have to try that, love the tip! Linda

    1. Hi David, it’s the same as most canned products, one year possibly a bit more. Home canned is one year, although I know people store them longer sometimes. It’s a short-term product just as home bottled food. It’s awesome for me! Linda

  4. I have been canning for a long time also, I love it. I find the food more tasty and I know what spices goes into each jar. No large amounts of salt, etc. I rarely buy store canned meats due to all of the “extras” not to mention they are expensive, at least to me it is and the aluminum that is in the can. There are only two of us but when I can, I load the canner as I know when hard times come, children will be coming this way. I know it takes time to do this but is so great to have on hand when you are tired from work or have had a bad day and reach over to get your chicken, pork chop, turkey or what ever meat or veggies to eat. I have eaten my canned goods that have sat for one year or more and rarely have any problems. I make sure the food is in a cool dark place and check on them periodically as you would store bought can goods. I love your organizational skills, I love organization and neatness, keep up the good work.

    1. Oh Judy, you rock! I too love canning food but my hands (arthritis) are so bad now, it’s hard for me to even open or close jars. It’s getting hard to type, I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to write. After I took that class on pressure canning meats, I was so excited! I have pressure canned other items and water bathed items but we also had a large garden. Now I have a small garden, but it fills our needs. There is something so awesome when a “canning person” looks at all those jars on the shelves after they cool. It gives me chills just thinking back when I had a huge food storage room. It teaches kids how to work and saves so much money. Keep spreading the word how great it is to pressure can your own meat! I admire you beyond words! Hugs, Linda

  5. Good Morning Linda. Do you have any idea what sort of shelf life I can expect from Yoder’s bacon? I have two cans that are well over 4 years old. They do not provide any sort of date on the cans.

    1. Hi Karl, I have six cans of Yoders Bacon and I will never throw them out. I got this off the “The Ready Store” Yoders bacon is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last 2 years but in many cases will be good for up to 10 years. This can is packed with about 50 slices give or take a few.” End of quote. Here’s the deal with that bacon, you know by now I always say “when in doubt, throw it out”. BUT, my Red Feather Butter and Yoders Bacon will not be thrown out until I open them for the worst-case scenario and if they smell bad or look bad they will be trashed. Of course, if the cans are bulging they will be trashed before that. They are my “special” stash! LOL! I hope this helps! Stay well and stay safe, Linda

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