How To Make Your Own Emergency Toilet

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Let’s talk about how to make your own emergency toilet today. I know this is not the most popular topic to discuss, but it is a very important one. If we have a disaster or unforeseen emergency and our sewer lines or septic tanks are unusable due to a power loss or destruction, here is one option we can use to dispose of our human waste. First, make sure you have a shovel to bury your human waste (away from any water source). Second, get a 6-gallon bucket, if possible, and the toilet lid below. Most emergency preparedness stores sell them. Here’s the deal with the expensive green bags, yes some are biodegradable, but in a disaster that will be the last thing on my mind. You will need ten-gallon bags, yes you can buy those expensive green ones, but you can go to Costco or Sam’s Club and purchase 500-ten-gallon bags for under $20.00.

Let’s be honest here, don’t you want your own emergency toilet for your family? I know I’m not sharing mine after a disaster, a toilet is a private thing. I really hope people get one in my neighborhood because this is one thing we don’t want to share, right? I actually gave a set of these to a few neighbors for a Christmas gift one year. We all laughed together about the unusual gift, but I can guarantee you they will be glad they have their own toilet if we lose power and the sewer lines don’t work. Yep, it’s pretty much like camping, but you are prepared at home before you need it.

make emergency toilet

Make Your Own Emergency Toilet

1. 500 count box of ten-gallon bags Kirkland Signature 10 Gallon Clear Wastebasket Liner 500 Count

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2. Toilet paper, at least 3 to 4 rolls

3. Hand sanitizer

4. Baby Wipes

5. Duct tape to hold the bags from slipping 4 Rolls Contractor Grade Silver Duct Tape

6. Foldable shovel SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F08-N Entrenching Tool, Black Powdered Coat High Carbon Steel

7. Kitty litter or sawdust Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Premium Clumping Fragrance Free Scoopable Cat Litter Jug, 15-Pound Buy the cheapest kitty litter you can find. I prefer the plastic containers for long-term storage because I don’t want the kitty litter bags to break. A small bag will work for these toilets.

I have put some links below to help you find the toilet seat. You can use a 5-gallon bucket from Walmart, but I prefer a 6-gallon bucket because of the height. If you are really tall I would look for a 7-gallon bucket. Never discard buckets you could possibly use in an emergency. Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid and 6 Gallon Bucket (No Lid) Please remember, it’s harder to squat to use a five-gallon bucket, I do not recommend it. They would work for children but not adults.

Garbage Bag Toilet

Okay, now let’s look at another option for an emergency toilet. I realize some of us have smaller homes and may not have a way to store items like the emergency toilet set shown above. I had seen something similar to the bag toilet below somewhere. Someone suggested putting a tennis ball in the bottom of the toilet bowl. I am not going to suggest that because I am a nervous nellie and I am afraid it will clog the toilet.

I suggest turning off the water taps behind your toilet so just in case the water/sewer lines begin to work again…this big old garbage bags does not go down the toilet. Although with the kitty litter it would be almost impossible to “flush” it. I am thinking I would duct tape the handle to the toilet so NO ONE can flush it until I remove the tape.

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Here is the first step to another type of an emergency toilet set. One large garbage and bag and 3-4 cups kitty litter.

Next, you lower the lid and it’s ready to use when needed.

Toilet Bag With Kitty Litter
Now let’s talk about toilet paper. When I was writing my book, Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation
I made a few phone calls to ask about how much toilet paper different families use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I grew up with only sisters and I had four daughters. Well, girls use more toilet paper. So, I called my daughter who has sons and we giggled over the amount of toilet paper different family members use.  I decided to analyze how much toilet paper would be needed for a family of two, three, four and five people. What an eye opener!

I highly suggest you store a lot of toilet paper! I like the toilet paper with wrappers for long term storage: Georgia-Pacific Envision 19880/01 White 2-Ply Embossed Bathroom Tissue, 4.05″ Length x 4″ Width (Case of 80 Rolls) The reason I like a case or two of this brand is because they are individually packaged. Therefore you can put three in your 72-hour kit or bug out bag, or two or three in your emergency toilet and it’s protected. Oh, and don’t forget to throw a roll or two in your car, just in case.

4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Emergency Toilet

  • October 28, 2020 at 12:45 am

    You need less toilet paper if you have a bidet, especially during menses. A squirt bottle can act as a portable bidet and it helps with #2 too.

    • October 28, 2020 at 5:38 am

      Hi Know Nothing, a great reminder about the bidet and squirt bottle! Linda

  • June 8, 2022 at 6:00 am

    Good point about not wanting to share your emergency toilet. Reminds me of a story.

    I grew up on a farm, using an outhouse. There was a family down the road a piece who had indoor plumbing. They had a boy, couple years older than me, who would sometimes make fun of me for using an outhouse.

    One day, there was a knock at the door, and my mother answered it. It was the boy from down the road, very red in the face. Seems there had been a power outage and his family’s plumbing wasn’t working. There was no telling when it would be back online. The boy had to go, badly, and it wasn’t the type of situation where he could just go behind a tree. “Please, Mrs. Mullen, can I use your outhouse? I’ve been holding it in since yesterday.”

    I was standing behind my mom watching this tableau. I would’ve told him no, but my mother was nicer than me and said yes. I did follow him down the path to the outhouse saying things like “now, we have a nice clean privy, so try not to stink it up.” Then I waited right outside and giggled at the sounds he made in there. When he came back out, he didn’t look mad or embarrassed. He was too relieved. But he never made fun of our outhouse again.

    • June 8, 2022 at 8:27 am

      HI Sarah, oh my gosh, he learned a good lesson that day, wow!! Linda


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