How To Use A L’Equip Wheat Grinder-Really Easy

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I wrote this article a few years ago, but I really think knowing how easy it is to use an L’Equip Wheat Grinder more people will learn how to make bread. Just think of the money you will save by making your own bread. Can’t you just smell the bread baking now?

If there is one thing I would put on my wishlist it would be a wheat grinder. The hand crank ones are great but they take a lot of hand power. If you have ever had tennis elbow, you know what I mean by that statement. If you can get an electric one and then a Bosch bread mixer, and learn to make bread. Then, teach others to make bread.

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How To Use An L’Equip Wheat Grinder


Here I am showing you the little plastic cup that collects some extra fine ground wheat…I just dump it in with all the rest.


It just snaps on right there.


The gray looking “sponge” deal keeps you from getting flour all over you and your house. I never wash anything except the first time I take it out of the box when purchased. Obviously, you would not wash the big machine with the cord. I just wiped it down.

I never wash my bowl, lid or sponge deal. One thing I will tell you right here….when I first got this wheat grinder…I tried everything to turn the lid open and closed. I dusted it with flour as directed. Nope….it did not twist right. I took it back to the store where I purchased it and they said I did, in fact, have a warped bowl. They instantly replaced it free of charge. It was brand new. They tried closing it and it would not twist shut….just saying…..

I tested one on display at the store and it twisted open and closed with zero flour……easy.


Here I have the wheat extender on so I can put more wheat in to grind. I never take it off. I usually grind 8 cups of wheat first then I put another 4 cups of wheat in to finish grinding what I need for each batch of bread that I make. I usually empty the bowl after the 8 cups are ground. Then I grind the last 4 cups with an empty bowl. Everyone does this differently I am sure…I am just showing you what works for me.


Here I am showing you how I set the top button to determine the texture of the wheat.  I never change it….it is always all the way to the left or counterclockwise. If you want it a little coarser you can turn it to the right. It will not make a cereal type texture. You can grind so many things….but not oily seeds like Flaxseed. Be sure and read the full directions when you decide to grind something.

The lower black button is off if turned to the bottom. It will turn on when I turn it to the tiny button with the line through it. I never turn it further right.


Here I use a plastic butter spreader to whisk the flour out of the crevices. I use a dry cloth to remove any excess. I grind my wheat a couple of days ahead of making bread. I just freeze it in these L’Equip bags. Most people grind the wheat and make their bread right then….that doesn’t work for me. You will learn what works for you and your family.

I hope this inspires you to learn to make bread. I must say, I LOVE the feel of bread dough…there is nothing more rewarding to me than making several loaves of bread.

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