How To Save Money Each Month

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How to save money every month is easier than you may think. Lets’ start with baby steps and tackle them one by one. It’s all about saving money.  I have a few ideas on how to save money today, and I will add your ideas as well.

Years ago I used to teach people how to balance their bank accounts and I showed them where their money was going. I asked them to use their debit cards for a minimum of two months and we could work out a budget. It was really a surprise to many of my clients when they would write down what they spent on gas for their cars, 7-11 drinks, fancy coffees and drive-throughs with yummy sweet drinks, burgers, and fries.

Stressful Jobs

Most of my clients were high paid executives and they were constantly on the run from one client to the next. Most people with high paid stressful jobs rarely get lunch hours, I know because I was one of those people. Forget the 40 hour weeks and overtime pay, that did not exist. If you are on salary, well you get the picture, they expect you to work 50-60 hours for the 40-hour wage, that’s how companies run.

I know, I can hear people saying, “But you have to have breaks and lunch hours!” I wish that were true in the everyday workplace. It’s not, trust me, I know. So, back to working with my awesome clients who were dear friends. I usually had watercolor magic markers and we would color code the expenses on their bank statements. Let me tell you, 99% of my clients were shocked at where their money was going. So I’m going to share with you some of the ways you can cut your expenses, eat healthier and save money at the same time.

How To Save Money Each Month

Skip Convenience Stores

Those yummy sweet drinks at those well known convenient stores add up, especially if you have multiple kids. You may be setting a bad example for them that it’s okay to spend money every day for a carbonated drink. I’m not judging, I just want to have food storage and water stored. A dollar here and $2.00 there adds up very quickly. We don’t want our kids to think we are an ATM with unlimited funds, right?

Make Your Own Coffee

Oh, man, those yummy fancy coffees are so expensive, if you get one a day at $5.00 each that’s $150.00 per person each month.

Drop Your Landline

You may want to consider dropping your landline if you have a cell phone. If you have good cell reception it may just work for you. Be sure and register your cell phone with your city or county Reverse 911 registry.

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Cook From Scratch

If you cook from scratch instead of driving through those fast food restaurants you could save even more $$$$.

Reverse Osmosis

Replace your bottled water purchases with a Reverse Osmosis system. I paid for mine in only six months by skipping the bottled water cases. Yes, I have to have the filter changed and the tubes cleaned once a year for $95.00. I still save $$$$.

Grocery Lists

Make a grocery list and stick with it, the less you go to the store the less you are tempted to buy those items you don’t need.  If you follow your “what I really need list” all those “goodies” at the checkout counter won’t tempt you as much.

Thrift Stores

Buy clothes from thrift stores. I go with my grandkids and they find so many good buys, some still have NEW price tags on them. We alter them to fit, as needed.

Plan Your Trips To Town

Plan your trips into town with a goal, and get organized so you make them less often and save on your gas expense.

Use Coupons

Use coupons that are for non-processed foods as much as possible. Yes, they have them for fruit, vegetables, salads, and milk.

Keep Vehicles Maintained

Save money by keeping your car maintained / repaired as needed and suggested because it will save you money in the long run. If you can learn to do some of the work yourself there are additional savings.

Waste Less/Want Less

Waste less, want less by dehydrating food that you can see you will not eat as quickly as you thought you might.

Freeze Spinach

Freeze spinach and other veggies for smoothies, if it looks like you may not eat them before they go bad.


Grow a garden. First of all, you know what you are eating and it keeps you out of the grocery store. Exchanging with neighbors is another way to get products without spending the money at a store. I buy my seeds from this company: SeedsNow

Discount Cards

If you have local discount cards that cost about $35.00 they will save you money by being able to buy one dinner and getting another dinner free, or at a significant discount. There are other items that aren’t food related, like movie tickets, car repairs, hair cuts, etc. The bonus, $10.00 of that money goes to our local schools or Boy Scout Troop.

End Of Season Sales

Shop end of season sales, you can usually pick up great buys at 50% off, or more, on items you typically use. If you missed my series on “What To Stock Up On Each Month,” here is one of them: What To Stock Up On In May

Exchange Kids Clothes Party

Have a friend to friend exchange clothes party, either for kids or babies, people love these, I promise!

Thrift Stores

My granddaughter tried on a wedding dress at a local thrift store lately, wow, it was beautiful!

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Pay One Extra House Payment A Year

Pay one extra house payment every year by dividing the payment by 12 and make that an extra “principal” payment. You will pay down your house so much faster.

15-Year Mortgage

If you can afford a 15-year mortgage do it, life is good when you retire without a house payment.

Envelopes With Cash

Keep cash in an envelope or savings account to save for emergencies, should they arise.

Cash Stash

Keep small bills in case we have a disaster and the banks are closed, you will be able to purchase items with the exact amount of cash should a case of water become $20.00 (yes, this happened after a disaster in Florida).

Sales At Specialty Shops

Check the airport shops for clothes on sale, yes we have saved 75% on some great golf shirts for Mark, who would have guessed, right?

Make Your Own Treats

Make your own popsicles or smoothies at home with fresh fruit, water, and ice, yet they are yummy and cheap.

Cloth Napkins/Cloth Towels

Mark has been using cloth diapers in place of paper napkins for years now. Each meal he just puts the cloth on his lap and enjoys his meal. I’m surprised how seldom we are purchasing paper napkins now. I just wash them with the whites each week and keep using them over and over. You could do the same thing with paper towels too.


Consider signing up for Netflix or another movie streaming service rather than going out to movies. You can make it more like a date night by popping some popcorn or serving other treats while you watch.  Also, it saves on the treat prices vs at the theater and also the gas to get there.

Think Before You Buy

Think about what you are buying. Is it something you actually need, or just another want. Keeping up with the Jones’s is a favorite American pastime, but one that can prove to be pretty expensive. Mark and I have really been trying to cut back and simplify our lives. We’ve been driving one car for ten years, eat out very seldom, stay with our kids when visiting them rather than a motel, and much more. Try it, you’ll be surprised how fun it can be and how much money you can save.

Pay Off Your Car-NO DEBT

If your car is paid off, save a car payment every month. You may be able to pay cash for your next car, if not, you will have a good down payment.

Final Word

It’s all about how to save money each month, one penny at a time. We don’t need to pay for courses to learn how to save money. Start with some goals that you want to achieve and stick with them. If you save $5.00 this month, maybe you can squeeze another $10.00 next month. It’s all about being mindful of our spending. Debt is expensive, stay out of debt. Please be prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

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