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15 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Bug Out

I’m sharing 15 reasons why you do not want to bug out. First of all, I have never liked the word bug out. For years we have heard we need a 72-hour kit either from your local church, county or state agencies. Frankly, they are useless. Yes, they will be fine for a day or two if you haul water with them. I’m coming on pretty strong today because I am actually sick and tired of seeing negative comments on Facebook that have to do with our government. I’m pretty opinionated on my views, but you will NEVER see them on Facebook. I have better things to do with my time. Okay, I better step down off my soapbox and explain why I will not bug out or leave my home after a disaster. If my house caves in after an earthquake, yes I will have to leave, that’s another story. If and when we go to war things will change, we need to be ready for war within our own country. Possibly even our own neighborhoods. Maybe “war” is a bit strong, but oh my gosh, I would hate to live by some of the people who are making negative statements on Facebook or on blogs and websites.

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