Top Herbs that Work Great for Healing

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For thousands of years, ancient people used the herbs they had available to them as a means for healing all types of ailments. Yet for reasons only we can speculate, modern medicine has gotten so far off that path, distancing itself from these natural healers. But make no mistake about it friends, these healing herbs are starting to make their comeback. Check out these top herbs that work great for healing. This is where I buy my garden seeds: SeedsNow  

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Top Herbs that Work Great for Healing 

Top Herbs that Work Great for Healing

Several of these natural herbs have been proven to be just as effective as traditional medicines, some even more so, and without the negative side effects, I might add. The ones I have mentioned below are able to reduce your arthritis pain, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and may slow down cancer cell growth, along with a host of other benefits. So buckle up, it’s time to spice up your home remedies with some of the top herbs that just so happen to work great for healing.  


Has there ever been a point that you just felt like, meh, no energy? Maybe you struggle with this more often than you’d care to admit? That’s okay. Whether the next time you’re dealing with a lack of energy, or you’re just feeling a bit blue, basil can be the energy and morale boost that you may need. It encourages your brain to produce more serotonin and dopamine, leaving you feeling energized and more refreshed.   


Need that extra help clearing out your sinuses? Cayenne will do the trick while helping you breathe easier and not having to deal with all that built-up congestion. Some people say that it helps with reducing their pain that’s caused by arthritis, while others have found some relief by using it for stomach ulcers. Cayenne has properties that have shown some people can be helped with weight loss. 

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Before you start feeling overly fatigued or sleepy, the herb cilantro will be more than happy to come to your aid. It helps your body release heavy toxins so that you aren’t left feeling so tired, or have nearly as much joint pain. It’s also believed to help those who struggle with depression.  


Cinnamon is another culinary herb that has been known for its medicinal purposes, dating all the way back to ancient times. Today, it’s mostly enjoyed as a delicious spice that’s put in drinks, desserts, and certain types of dishes. It’s also believed it help can cure diarrhea, indigestion, diabetes, and obesity.   


Coriander can provide your body with several different health benefits. For starters, it can strengthen your immune system so that your body is able to fight off disease easier. It will also help you control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as keep you from having to experience gastrointestinal distress. You should consider adding ground coriander, or coriander seeds to several of your favorite meal choices.  


If you’ve ever dealt with nausea or an upset stomach, you know that it’s no laughing matter. Ginger is capable of calming your digestive tract, which is why so many people have turned to ginger ale in the past for this same reason. Ginger will help bring relief throughout a pregnancy, motion sickness, and even for some patients during chemotherapy. 

When traveling on a cruise ship, passengers that took 940 mg of ginger found that it worked even better than Dramamine. Though there’s little evidence on the matter, ginger may even help lower blood pressure, decrease arthritis pain, and your cancer risk.     


Like ginger, mint can also be used to treat an upset stomach. That’s because the menthol that’s in it has a cooling and soothing effect on the stomach. Many tea drinkers add mint to their tea, where it’s estimated that doing so can lessen stomach pain by as much as 40%.


You do realize that parsley isn’t just for making a meal dish look more attractive, don’t you? Parsley can reduce bloating that you may be experiencing after you’ve eaten certain foods. This way you’re not retaining water so much because it’s blocked off salt absorption. The herb is even thought to help with allergies, high blood pressure, and certain inflammatory diseases. 

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Pay close attention ladies, this one is for you. Oregano can provide quick relief and relaxation when you’re dealing with excruciatingly painful menstrual cramps. That’s because the herb contains thymol and carvacrol, which help you relax your muscles, thus reducing the uncomfortable symptoms. You’ll need to take at least 2 tsp dried oregano (steeped in water for tea) a day until your menstrual cramps are gone.  


The next time that you notice a cough coming on, remember that fresh rosemary has eucalyptol properties that help with decongestion and to get rid of the phlegm that’s in your chest. Rosemary also contains tannins that work as an anti-inflammatory which will also provide much-needed relief to your throat.    

It’s also beneficial for you to consider sprinkling rosemary on top when you’re cooking with meat because it may help to kill off the HCAs (Heterocyclic Amines) in the meat that are known to cause various types of cancer.   


Turmeric is another powerful anti-inflammatory herb that can help reduce the pain and swelling that are caused by arthritis. The herb is used as a spice when added to curry, but it’s the curcumin that’s in it that has the healing properties that make it one herb you ought to have on-hand. 

Top Herbs that Work Great for Healing

Final Word

All of these are medicinal herbs that can go a long way in providing you with the healing that your body may have been missing out on. By making the conscious effort to incorporate these herbs with your cooking each day, you’ll reap the benefits from them even more. You may also want to think about growing a few of them in your garden. What top herbs that work great for healing are you considering or have found to be effective? May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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14 thoughts on “Top Herbs that Work Great for Healing

  • May 8, 2021 at 6:38 am

    Thanks for spreading the herb love! Incorporating these & other herbs into our daily diets, we’re helping our bodies/immune systems to keep us healthy. 🙂
    A note regarding turmeric – it works best when combined with a little black pepper & a fat.
    An easy (& delicious!) way to use turmeric regularly is to make a simple herbal electuary.
    Fill a small glass jar with turmeric powder, a few dashes of black pepper & cinnamon.
    Smother the powdered herbs in the jar with honey.
    Add a heaping spoonful to milk of choice – cow milk or coconut milk are our favorites.
    Sip & enjoy!

  • May 8, 2021 at 8:25 am

    Thank you for the list. I like growing herbs, but I do not always know what to do or how to use them, or even why and when.

    I do have a question about the oregano. When you say “You’ll need to take at least 2 tsp a day …”, what is one actually measuring? Powder or plant? Or maybe taking capsules?

    Thank you for all the information you share – I save all of it. You are a fount of knowledge and information!

    • May 8, 2021 at 9:25 am

      Hi Patricia, I just added this to the post, You’ll need to take at least 2 tsp dried oregano (steeped in water for tea) a day until your menstrual cramps are gone. Thank you for your kind words, Linda

  • May 8, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    And Valerian. A great muscle relaxant for minor pains and strains. (Similar to Skelaxin) My doctor also prescribes it for insomnia. So don’t overdo it and climb ladders or drive with it. Thanks.

    • May 9, 2021 at 12:40 pm

      Hi Leam, oh I need to look for that one. Thanks for the tip! Linda

  • May 29, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    I have a friend who had taken traditional medicine and a diet plan from Nze Njoku Herbal Home on google to treat Arthritis and High Blood Pressure and for some years now he looks normal. From severe pain always a sick guy Now he looks so healthy and enjoying normal productive life Praise God

  • January 19, 2023 at 10:03 am

    If you go to Frontier and join any wholesale buying group that uses them, you will find an herb called “Green Oat Straw” that is an amazing pain killer! It is not expensive, either. I used to have something like fibromyalgia, and that stuff rescued me everytime. I make a tea from it, which honestly, tastes like grass, so I add in 2 drops of liquid Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia and walah(!) you have a rich vanilla tea to wash your pain away!

    Green Oat Straw is considered by herbalists to be a “nervine”, which means it is good for pain or maybe even nerve pains (though I prefer Hypericum Perf. Homeopathic Medicine for shooting nerve pains from a pinched nerve or similar). I sincerely believe some of my success with Green Oat Straw tea is due to the fact that it helps the nerves survive the irritation I get from Heavy Metal Poisoning, too!

    Best always,

    Joyce E. Stotts
    Certified Natural Health Professional since 2006

    • January 19, 2023 at 11:41 am

      HI Jess/Joyce, this is the best idea ever! I am going to go order some right now. Thanks for the tip! Linda

    • January 19, 2023 at 12:42 pm

      Yeah, I forgot something else that we found recently that works pretty well, too. We now buy White Willow Bark from It is a natural source of salicyllic acid, like think aspirin. It is quite good for pain and the cost is only something like $4.99/bottle, and they often (now?) have a buy one, get one half off! I find this new supplement very helpful for me, at least!

      Joyce S.
      CNHP since 2006

      • January 19, 2023 at 1:12 pm

        Hi Joyce, I will have to look for that one too! Thank you, Linda


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