Freeze-Dried Food Pantry Size For Emergencies

Today it’s about freeze-dried food in pantry size cans. When I teach classes or I’m asked to speak to large groups, I always bring some #10 cans (7-inches tall and 6-1/4 inches in diameter), but I also bring some smaller pantry size cans. The pantry size cans I have are a bit more expensive per ounce, but in reality, Mark and I don’t need to open a large #10 can for just the two of us. I’m so glad a few readers reminded me to mention the smaller cans. I thought to myself, oh my gosh, I have got to write a post about the smaller pantry size cans. Now, I did write a post a few years ago with pictures of them in my bag of food if we had to leave our home with our 72-hour kits.

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