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You don’t have a Kindle or other electronic device to read E-Books? That’s not a problem! You can read E-Books on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet by using Amazon’s app.

I love to share the valuable content of authors on subjects such as cookbooks, food prep, food storage, emergency prep, homesteading, gardening, pioneer skills, and more.


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Free E-Books

Food Storage Moms will share FREE E-Books when they are available. I never know when the publisher will change the E-Books from FREE to the regular price. Please check before you click.

I will only have FREE E-Books on this page.

Don’t have a Kindle?  No problem you can get the FREE app on your computer, cell phone, or tablet on several different platforms.

*Remember to ALWAYS verify the price – FREE E-Books can change when they reach their limit.
*You DO NOT need a membership to Kindle Unlimited to get these books for free.
*Don’t click on the Read for Free Button – go straight to the purchase button.
*As long as the PURCHASE price says $0.00 then it is free for everyone.

Please double-check the book is listed as free! They are only free for certain periods of time and I cannot be held responsible for accidental purchases. Thank you for understanding.

Please refresh your browser as I add more E-books daily.

Date 6-13-2023