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Best Organic Food Storage I Recommend

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This is the best organic food storage I recommend. I promise. I get asked so many times “Linda, where do buy YOUR food storage?” Here’s the deal, I don’t buy long-term organic food storage. Now, if you buy only organic long-term food storage that’s awesome. I think it’s too expensive because when I have to cook my food storage, I can guarantee you I will be cooking for my neighborhood for those who may or may not have planned for any emergency or disaster. I do buy high-quality, long-term food storage that’s for sure. The first thing I do is call the different food storage companies. I check where the food was grown or if it was imported from different countries BEFORE I buy it. Sometimes, I have to get a supervisor if the person answering the phone does not know how to answer my questions. Sometimes, I’m lucky and the company posts online where they buy the food. For instance, some foods we don’t grow here in the US so those foods must be purchased from outside the USA.

But I want to know which country the food is actually grown in. It’s my personal preference, but I need to know what I’m storing. Now, I need to tell you upfront that the company I’m writing about today pays a monthly fee to have their “banner” on my website. The company is called North Bay Trading Company. Yes, I follow the FTC requirements to let you know when I am getting paid to “advertise” for them. I do not get paid on your orders, just to let you know. I want to be REAL, here, just saying. I am very picky with the companies I will write reviews for regarding their products. I use North Bay Trading Company products almost every day. Now, they have a shelf-life of 12-24 months, so be sure and check the website when you purchase food from them. Please keep in mind that they sell food that is NOT organic as well. The link above is to the USDA Organic food storage page on their website.

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I love that it’s a small family-owned company located back in Brule, Wisconsin. I must say the next statement you read makes me so proud to be able to recommend North Bay Trading Company as the best organic food storage anywhere. All of their products are GMO-free. I love this. Their products are not genetically modified organisms. Yay, this is a cartwheel moment for the world!

I quote “Healthy. We use only 100 percent natural GMO-free ingredients. Our products are generally low in sodium and a great source of vitamins and minerals. There are no artificial additives.” End of quote.

The best organic food storage I use:

Please check out the entire website: North Bay Trading Company

1. carrots, I like the sliced ones

2. garlic

3. onions

4. soups (all of them)

5. air-dried and freeze-dried fruits (all of them)

6. air-dry and freeze-dried vegetables (all of them)

I love having the best organic food storage with a short-term shelf life because I use these products every day. I buy smaller amounts that are affordable and I store them in mason jars. Life is good when I can buy GMO-free food from a source I trust. May Gob bless you for being prepared for the unexpected. Please learn a new skill each month this year……..

My favorite things:

Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12

Set of Ball Storage Caps: Regular Mouth Jar & Wide Mouth Jar – 1 Package of Each (2)

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  1. Thanks, Linda. I’m glad you wrote this article. I have been wondering about organic and non-GMO food storage. It helps when someone else has tried a food storage product already.

    1. Hi Debora, oh man I have been researching like crazy about GMO foods. It took me a few weeks to wrap it around my brain so to speak. I am working on a post to explain to my readers what GMO and Monsanto are doing with our food. I am extremely concerned about the food we are eating and some people have never heard of the term GMO. Let the soap box begin….how can I teach the world what is happening to our food. I will be posting it soon. I will only recommend the foods I will eat or the products I believe in. Thanks for your comment, Linda

  2. Even with healthy organic food storage. We need fresh even in winter. I have sprout tray growing in my kitchen. My husband has lettuce, mint, chickweed, and chives growing in a small heated room in our garage (southern window)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you sharing my post. I’m hoping to teach the world how important is is to know WHAT we are eating. I’m now following your FB and website. Thanks for all the work you are doing!! Linda

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