72 Hour Kits For Children


Children need their own 72-hour kit to meet their dietary needs, hygiene, and comfort items to keep them occupied during long stretches of time during emergencies. When preparing a backpack or bag for them, attach a tag to the kit with the child’s name. If your child takes special medications or prescriptions, also add a tag as a reminder to grab those medicines. Items that could be included in the kit (be sure to rotate perishable items yearly):

  • Family picture(s) with names and phone numbers/email addresses (in case they get separated from you or if you have a child who can’t verbalize who they are)
  • Water (enough for three days)
  • Food that is age appropriate or that your child will eat: MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat—just add water), food that is ready to eat without water, freeze-dried veggies, freeze dried fruit, freeze-dried yogurt bites, snacks, graham crackers, peanut butter crackers, cereal, raisins, fruit leather, fruit snacks, etc.
  • Candy (such as suckers)
  • Juice boxes
  • Cup, plate, bowl & silverware/child mess kit
  • Reading books
  • Colored pencils/non-electric pencil sharpener or markers, crayons (not for car or garage-they’d melt)
  • Paper, tablets, coloring books
  • Puzzles, games, small activities and Play Dough
  • Medications: Motrin/Tylenol, Cough syrup (rotate yearly)
  • Any medication you use occasionally: antibiotic ointment, Vaseline, saline spray, etc.
  • Baby wipes/diapers/formula/baby food/baby food grinder/pacifiers
  • Solar or small blankets
  • Small pillow
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First Aid Kit (child size Band-Aids)
  • Extra clothes/jacket/sweater (sweat suits are ideal for storage because you can cut the sleeves and legs off if the weather is too warm or wear them as is in cold weather)
  • Child size N-95 masks–practice with these BEFORE you need to use them
  • Bible/Scriptures, etc.
  • Printable: FSM 72-hour kit children

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