How To Give Your Cold The Cold Shoulder

How To Give Your Cold The Cold Shoulder

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I have some tips today on how to give your cold the cold shoulder. Wow, it seems like where ever I go I’m seeing people sneezing and coughing. Yep, it’s that time of year. I love old fashioned remedies or what we call home remedies today. I am not a doctor, a nurse or anyone in the medical field, just giving you the heads up here. Please listen to your head, heart and gut and you will know if you need to go see the doctor. I rarely go to the doctor and I am so grateful that I have been able to heal my body myself. I use natural remedies and essential oils. I do not believe they cure any diseases. They soothe and make me feel better, let’s leave it at that. These are just some ideas that I have used for my daughters, grandkids, and other family members.

I bet many of you have used these very same home remedies to help your cold. Did you grow up with Vicks VapoRub? I sure did. If my sisters or myself got the sniffles out came the jar of Vicks VapoRub. We would rub it on our chests and the smell always helped us breathe better. I think that’s one of the reasons I love essential oils because I love the smell of Vicks.

How To Help Your Cold:

1, Wash your hands often during the day. You never know what’s lurking on door handles, doorknobs, and light switches. Oh goodness, use some wipes on those TV remotes. I can’t imagine what bacteria is on those bank teller drive-up tubes. Oh and the gas tank handles…wow! My beautiful niece, Kristina who is getting her doctorate in microbiology something (I can’t pronounce it let alone spell it) told me never ever shake hands with anyone because of the bacteria on our hands. Yikes! Just something to think about.

2. Get a Neti-pot and only use sterile water with the salt packets that come with the Neti-pot. I have used one of these for years and I will tell you they do work. They open up your sinus cavities and the goop drains out. Oh yes, I have heard the horror stories about people using tainted dirty water in their Neti-pot. We need to use common sense with anything that goes into our bodies. Clean sterile, boiled water would be the ONLY water I would use in my Neti-pot.

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3. Honey, please remember never use honey for children under two years of age because of the chance of botulism. Always check with your doctor about using honey for your little ones. I only buy honey that is pure, raw honey from Cox’s Honey from Shelley, Idaho. I buy cases of honey from them online. Once you realize the difference of real pure honey you will never buy any other brand. I promise. Of course, if you have your own bees, you know what I am talking about when I say pure, raw honey. I take two teaspoons of Cox’s honey every day by spoon or in hot drinks. Sometimes I put it on my oatmeal. Honey works great for your cold when used in a warm or hot drink.

4. Get enough rest each day, if you need a nap, take one. If you have small children start a quiet hour by having them read for an hour in their room or a special chair. Make your bedroom a sanctuary by keeping it clutter free so you have one room that is peaceful and inviting and makes you smile within. A happy person is a rested person in my book.

5. Drink a lot of fluids. No soda because soda dehydrates your body. Water is the best liquid for our bodies.

6. Use a humidifier or vaporizer, the moisture sure helps your cold, sinuses or coughing.

7. Make some chicken soup, it really does help clear the mucous. Here’s is my Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe.

8. Put hot packs on your sinuses (be careful not to burn).

9. Place an extra pillow under your head to drain your nasal passages as you sleep. Pillows are a breeding place for viruses and bacteria. Replace your pillows at least once a year. I have tried pillow covers but they seem to be too noisy as in crinkly sounding.

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10. Make a soup with chicken broth, onions and garlic and drink it throughout the day.

11. Use your own hand towel, bath towel, and pillowcase in the bathroom. Wash them at least weekly, more often when you are sick.

12. Change out your toothbrush especially after a cold, flu or sinus infection. Use hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrushes and rinse with water before using them. You can boil your toothbrushes for three minutes but it is very hard on them typically. I prefer to use hydrogen peroxide by spraying them and then rinse them and dry them. You can soak your toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthwash and rinse the toothbrush with water before using it. If you use an electric toothbrush you can take the brush head off and follow the regular toothbrush tips above. We have a lot of bacteria in our mouths so it makes sense to have clean toothbrushes and therefore prevent many illnesses. When I see a good buy on toothbrushes I buy a lot and store them to use later.

13. Use Vicks-VapoRub on your chest and the bottom of your feet and wear socks to bed.

14. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, the more the better. I love oranges this time of year. The best are those small tangerines that peel easily!!!

This is a great way to add oils to your stash at home. Here is my favorite essential oil book: Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition May God bless you to be prepared for the unexpected. Be prepared…..we can do it together.

Raw honey by Linda


  1. Hi, Linda. I was buying honey a while back and imagine my surprise when the tiny print on the bottle said “from Venezuela”. What??? Turns out some some companies blend honeys from around the world, I guess to save money. Who knows what that honey has been exposed to? Now I buy local raw honey from verifiable sources only. If you are buying honey to help with your pollen allergies, local raw honey is the way to go. Local honey from where you live contains minute portions of local pollen and a spoonful a day is said to gradually help your body build resistance to those allergies. Also, I found out some commercial honeys are so filtered they have almost NO pollen left and barely qualify as true honey! Amazing how such a natural product can be so altered. It pays to read the fine print!

    • Hi Kay, oh my gosh I have heard about some honey having issues but I had not personally seen honey blends…wow that’s scary! What’s in the honey?!?! That’s why I only buy honey from Cox’s Honey in Shelley, Idaho. I’m glad you told me about the “from Venezuela”. You are smart to buy local raw honey from places you are no are pure raw honey. I love honey for allergies. We need to teach the world about the health benefits of honey. Yes, it pays to read the fine print! Linda

  2. Hi Linda, As usual your posts have come at perfect timing for me! I am grateful to have your information to help me organize my married children, as they ask for advice on food storage and preparedness. I was just making a Thrive order and your dairy post was perfect. I had to smile that I love Cox Honey as well. My mother was raised in Shelley:) I grew up enjoying their amazing honey. Thanks so much for the time you take to share your experience and what works for you. I really appreciate you!!

    • Hi Carla, my husband’s parents grew up in Shelley, Idaho!! It’s a small world! I’m glad to hear you like Thrive products, I sure do! You made my day when you mentioned you appreciate the time I take to share my experiences. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart! Linda

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