50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

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50 things everyone should know how to do. You could call these vintage skills, pioneer skills, or just plain skills. It all comes down to learning skills to teach the next generation. Some of these are practical skills, many are must-learn skills, and others are fun skills. I would love to make this list of 100 skills with your comments, so let’s get started.

Some of the ideas I have listed we all do and some are a little harder to master for some people, including me and my husband. I really believe we will need all of these skills and much more, but this is a great start. I bet some of you took sewing classes in Home Economics and woodworking in a shop class, and so on.

Keep in mind, that we won’t learn these skills overnight, we will have to take the time to learn them. Some we’ll be eager to learn and others we may never be interested in at all. I get it.

Table of Contents

50 Things Everyone Should Know

1. Gardening Skills

Based on your location and your climate.

50 things
2. How To Save Seeds

Remember, GMO seeds can’t be used the next year after they are harvested, they will not reproduce. Buy only Heirloom, Organic Non-GMO seeds, you’ll be glad you did.

3. Organic Pest Control

Learn how to get rid of insects in your garden without pesticides.

4. Canning Food

I’m a Master Canner, Preserver and the only book I recommend you use is this one when canning and preserving food: USDA Canning Book

5. Dehydrate Your Food

6. How To Compost

7. Make Play Dough

Easy Play Dough by Linda

8. Learn How to Tie Knots

50 things
9. Train Your Dog(s)

10. Change a Tire and Change the Oil

11. How to Hunt Wild Game and Dress it Out

12. Learn how to Fish

13. Learn how to Clean and Cook Fish

14. Learn how to Sew and Quilt

15. How to Wash Clothes Without Electricity

16. How to use a Clothesline

50 things17. Make your own Laundry Detergent

18. How to Bake/Cook Without Power

19. How to Knit or Crochet

20. Grind your Own Wheat

21. Make your own Natural Healing Salves

22. Prepare your Homestead for Blizzards

23. Prepare your Home for Tornadoes

24. Stock Your Pantry

25. Grow Herbs and Preserve Them

26. Cook With Cast Iron

50 things
27. Plant Fruit Trees for Your Climate

50 things28. Learn how to Prune Your Fruit Trees

29. Learn how to Purify Water

30. Learn basic Carpentry Skills

31. Learn how to use Alternative Power Sources

32. Live Below Your Means-Pay off all Debt

33. Prepare an Emergency Binder

34. Make Bags To Survive for 72 hours

35. Learn about Emergency Fuel

36. How to make Pancakes and Other Meals from Scratch

How To Cook From Scratch by Linda

Read More of My Articles  101 Frugal Items You Need For Survival

37. Learn basic first aid skills, CPR, EMT, or Paramedic classes

Cert Training by Linda

38. Have a First Aid Book in your Home-Car

Survival Handbook

39. Gather your First Aid Products

First Aid Kits by Linda

40. Know how to use Honey for Health Benefits

Honey Benefits by Linda

41. Learn how to Start a Fire

42. Grow Potatoes

Learn how to grow potatoes in pots or in the ground, buy organic and you will always have some potatoes to eat. I love digging for potatoes. They are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Growing Potatoes by Linda

50 things
43. Learn Natural Remedies-Essential Oils

Essential Oils by Linda

44. Eat Dinner Together as a Family-Teach Manners

45. Play Board Games with all Electronics Turned Off

46. Learn to Cook using Solar Power

Cook with a Sun Oven by Food Storage Moms

47. Buy old Cookbooks from Thrift Stores

48. Learn How to Store Water for Emergencies

Storing Water by Food Storage Moms

49. Learn How to Store Food for Emergencies

Food Storage by Linda

50. Save your Rainwater, if your State Allows It

Final Word

Here’s the deal, whether you have a farm, home, apartment or a homestead these are 50 things at the very minimum we need to teach our families. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

Pioneer Skills by Food Storage Moms

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