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How To Keep Track Of Your Emergency Food

Can you use some help with how to keep track of your emergency food storage? I actually had two readers mention to me that some of my links were broken in my “What Do I Have” drop down on my navigation board at the top of my blog. So today I’m sharing a post with all the links that have now been repaired. I really appreciate it when a reader shoots me an email to let me know some links are not working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I have had a few issues with my website lately and with WordPress, you never know when something may go haywire. It’s life and bloggers get it. It’s what we have to deal with sometimes. Yes, it’s very frustrating, but if you want to teach the world what you know, we learn to go with it and try to relax, but it’s hard, very hard to see your website not working. So, enough of that, thanks again for letting me know if you see a broken link. I love you for telling me, I really do.

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