What DO I Have?

I have been wanting to put together some sort of a list of the “Foods”  &  “Liquids” we have or want in our Pantry or Food Storage Area. I was getting to the point that I couldn’t tell if I had six #10 cans of  FD Onions or four #10 cans of FD Peaches, etc.  So I scribbled on a piece of paper what I needed and of course, I asked my Sister, Carol, to help me with this project. I wanted it to be a PDF so our readers could download the forms for FREE and print the ones they are interested in. I had her do some extra blank pages that people could fill in themselves. I had asked a few friends and family what would help them the most, with the names of products or empty columns.  It was a unanimous answer…..just do it with all the foods & liquids listed…..so I did that with the help of my Sister!!!  I hope these forms help you know,  “What Do I Have?  Remember the phrase I suggest….one #10 can at a time……

FSM What Do I Have-BasicPDF

FSM What Do I Have-LiquidPDF

FSM What Do I Have-MeatPDF

FSM What Do I Have-FruitPDF

FSM What Do I Have-GrainPDF

 FSM What Do I Have-VeggiePDF

FSM What Do I Have-DairyPDF