Where To Find The Perfect Clothespins You Will Want

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I know where to find the perfect clothespins! I looked everywhere for some really good strong clothespins. I bought some at a local hardware store for $22.00 for a package of 96. I also bought a package of 50 for about $15.00. Hmmm. I just was not satisfied with the clothespins when I would hang things on my clothesline. They would not be flexible or they would not hold the weight. Then I started scouring the internet. Yep, I found my perfect clothespins. Kevins Heavy-Duty Clothespins

You might be thinking “I am never going to need clothespins”.  Let’s talk about losing power and having no way to wash and dry our clothes, except, by hand. Oh, we all need some clothespins and a clothesline.

The Perfect Clothesline

A few years ago found the perfect clothesline, for me anyway. I had been looking for one for about three years. First, I was going to rig something with ropes. When I looked at a retractable one. Nope, they were not what I wanted for my backyard. I like to research and buy right the first time. Where I live it is really windy at times. Once I had a table umbrella get ripped out of the backyard and sent flying about 100 yards away up on the hill behind our house. Luckily it did not hit anything or anyone. I knew I had to buy one I could fold up and put away when not in use. I found that clothesline from EarthEasy.com. We installed the cement base with the post holder so Mark could push the lawnmower over the top. We have the clothesline stored in our shed when not in use. Now I had the best clothesline but needed to find some good, strong and sturdy clothespins…..

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Where To Find The Perfect Clothespins that are strong, sturdy and made in America | via www.foodstoragemoms.com

The Perfect Clothespins

Please look at the clothespins above. The one on the left is not flexible and will not hold the clothes on the line if the fabric or item is thin or too thick. The one on the right side is okay, but they are not strong enough to hold jeans on a clothesline. Hmmm. Now to the perfect clothespin. It’s the one in the middle. Please look at the size of it compared to the one on the right. Also, look at the spring. There is a big difference between the two. The middle one is sturdy and has a lifetime guarantee if they malfunction or break due to normal wear. I also wanted to get something made here in America.

Of course, with any wood product, I will have to keep these out of the elements and bring them inside when my laundry is dried. These clothespins are called Kevin’s Quality Clothespins. I found them on Amazon. These perfect clothespins can be handed down to the next generation because they are so well made. I love these. I am not sure my kids would still want them, but I am so glad I have them!

In a case of emergency, please look at my homemade washing machine to use in an unforeseen emergency or disaster. Let’s be prepared for the unexpected. Please plan ahead of time how you will wash your laundry when you have zero power.

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2 thoughts on “Where To Find The Perfect Clothespins You Will Want

  • October 3, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Linda, we have a little 5 & Dime store n Pocatello. They have the good kind of clothespins like I like and what you show in the picture. When I got mine several years ago, they were around $3.00. They are online, at Kings.com. The main office is in Rigby, Idaho, or I could check when we go to town next time, if you would like me to. LaRene

    • October 3, 2014 at 9:12 pm

      Hi Larene, you are so nice! I now have about 200 clothespins! I am laughing because I have so many! My husband’s family is from Idaho! I get up there every once in while I will have to check out that store! Thanks for the tip! Hugs! Linda


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