Archives for April 2, 2017

My Favorite Kind Of Food Storage

This is my favorite kind of food storage, when you can stretch a meal from one can of meat, for instance, for an entire family. When my girls were growing up we always had taco Fridays. I bet you can picture what I’m about to say, I would add rice to stretch the cooked 1/2 pound hamburger for six people. Sometimes, I would add leftover hash browns. Right? Well, Pleasant Hill Grain asked me if I would do a review on some of the new food storage items they carry. You may remember that company because I mention them when I’m doing a post on my colored 5-gallon buckets with matching Gamma lids. Yep, that’s the company. These opinions today are my own, I will never agree to do a review on items I will not use or eat myself, so let’s get started. P.S. I can tell you I love everything they sell on their website. I’ve been using them to purchase so many products over the years.

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