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11 Things You Need To Soothe The Flu or Cold

Today I’m sharing 11 things you need to soothe the flu or cold. It’s that time of year that I am starting to hear the coughs and sniffles everywhere I go. Is it an allergy or is it the flu or a cold? Sometimes it’s really hard to tell which one it is for sure. Last week I had a friend call me who I feel is my “adopted son”, because his mom passed away a few years ago. I love this young man and his sweet family. He asked me what to do because he had been sick with nasal issues and coughing like crazy. I’ve listed below some suggeted approaches to consider. Now, remember I am not a doctor, nurse or in the medical field. We must do our own research and do what is right for our family. I’m sure I have told you before I go to the doctor once a year, I feel I can listen to my body and heal it myself, in most cases.

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