Survival Mom Kindle Book

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Did you know the Survival Mom Kindle Book is on sale until October 20, 2014 for $1.99! WooHoo! Lisa Bedford rocks but you probably know that by now! I really believe Lisa was one of the first chicks to write a book for emergency preparedness. I think I first heard about her when I was teaching classes at Honeyville Grain in Salt Lake City, Utah. Several people in the class were all pantry preppers and prepared in many ways. My friend, Julene and I would try so hard to be in the same classes at the same time but that did not always work out because of kids and life. When you teach there you meet several really good “preppers”.

I am so sorry this picture is blurry…I pulled it right off of I did ask Lisa if it was okay to borrow the graphic so I could write a post about her Survival Mom Kindle version book sale. This Kindle Book is going for $1.99. That is a bargain! We are in a prepper group together and I love to promote one of my fellow prepper books! Here is a link to Lisa’s blog, The Survival Mom.

In this book, Lisa talks about everything every mom will want to know about being prepared. We all have stories why we believe in food storage, water storage, life without electricity and living off the grid. I would hurry and buy this before the sale ends on October 20, 2014!

I have my Amazon affliate links here below and yes I will make a penny or two on your purchase. I thank you for that! All the authors of the four books below are in my prepper group! Blessings!

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