Solar Power

Today I am showing you my new Goal Zero YETI 400!


 I made a YouTube for CPAP sleep apnea machine users:

Solar Life

I purchased the “Goal Zero Solar Extreme 350 Explorer Kit”.  I wanted a solar system that would work with a charged (gas free) battery generator from my house but could also be charged with the sun (solar). When I received the Extreme 350 Explorer Kit in the mail I charged the battery  for eight hours per the instructions. I felt very secure knowing I was ready for any power outage. A few weeks after I purchased this our neighborhood lost power for a little over an hour. I scrambled to find flashlights, fresh batteries, etc. I then decided I am going to try my new power system. I attached the invertor to the generator, plugged in one Goal Zero Light….one light lit up the whole room, it was awesome!!! This system can charge a few laptops, ipads, cell phones and even YES run a 32 inch TV!!! If we don’t have cable I can at least watch DVD’s. It can run a 12 volt refrigerator. Goal Zero has just announced they are selling a YETI 1250 Solar Generator on a limited basis as of (4-27-2012). It can do even more!!

The Extreme 350 Explorer Kit came with one Generator, one Invertor, and two 30 Boulder solar panels. The website for Goal zero is

I totally recommend the Goal Zero Torch Flashlights. No batteries needed, you can charge in your house, car, crank it or use the Sun to charge it! These are awesome!