What To Do When You Retire

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What To Do When You Retire…….this is really a very interesting question for all of us. I remember saving money in savings bonds. I had a 401K growing leaps and bounds. I had money in the stock market. The Stock Market crashed…as it does, but then it usually always recovers. I was never worried that it would not come back. It came back and all was good. Life goes on for some people,  but not all people. We are not wealthy, but we have enough for our needs. I have always said “Life is what you make it”.

You retire and you expect your retirement check if you get one, to come in the mail or be direct deposited. Some are lucky and that does happen for them. Some have to fight for their Social Security Checks. Some have zero retirement money. Some have lost their retirement income because it was mismanaged by their employers. I saw friends that worked for large corporations that went bankrupt and at 60 realized they had no retirement fund.

I remember a close friend saying I am not working a day past 50 years of age. She followed that dream. I applaud her. I LOVE seeing dreams come true for people. I almost get giddy in happiness for them. I saw people twenty years ago become millionaires overnight. Several in fact. They were in the right place at the right time.

I also saw people lose thousands or millions overnight from making bad decisions. I am sixty-four years of age….I have seen a lot in my life. I taught people in my career how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Okay now that we got the money talk out of the way let’s have some fun!! I interviewed some awesome people and these are some of the ideas we all came up with to do after you retire.  We do not have to rock in a Baby Boomer Rocking chair with a remote control! Here they are:

1. Volunteer at a local hospital.

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2. Take guitar lessons. One friend had always wanted to buy a guitar and take lessons. He just turned 67 and he bought his first guitar and is taking lessons every week.

3. Read some books that are FREE at the library, or if you can afford it, buy a Nook or Kindle. Download E-books or audible books.

4. One gentleman had a goal to copy all of his albums on digital media. He has done over 600 albums so far.

5. One chick bought a house in Southern Utah to enjoy the sunshine whenever she wants to have some sun. She calls herself a pigeon. She can come and go when she wants. Here in Utah some people call themselves snowbirds (6 months here and 6 months somewhere else, usually where it is cold and possibly snowy). She has another small home in Northern Utah close to kids and grandkids.

6. Community Service-join a local civic club and share your talents and time.

7. Church activities-enjoy time with people of your faith.

8. I remember saying after I retired “I will never stand in line for take out ever again”! And I meant it! I love cooking at home. My awesome neighbors from my old neighborhood would bring me home cooked meals from time to time…boy did I treasure those meals…better than any fancy restaurant.

9. Take sewing or quilting classes….if you have ever wanted to do something when you raised your family and you are empty nester’s, Now is the time!

10. Taking cooking classes. Take computer classes. Learn how to use email. Knowledge is power…..

11. Get in shape…physical shape. Eat healthy. Do ALL of the things you didn’t have time for when you worked or had kids at home. Take care of YOU. Give yourself power and strength.

12. Check your BUCKET list…if you do not have a BUCKET list…make one. It is so fun to see what you REALLY want to do in your lifetime…

13. Coach a Soccer team.

14. Swim across a body of water. Take swimming lessons.

15. Go kayaking….my husband did this with his best friend. His friend did not want to do it because he has a bad back. He loved it! He still talks about it. He was 61 years of age. Good times!

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16. Go fly some kites…..

17. Take a photography class and learn how to edit the pictures.

18. Write a book or record your life history. I learned from a dear friend that by the third generation if nothing is recorded that part of history is gone forever…

19. Learn to shoot a gun and be proficient at it.

20. Take singing lessons or piano lessons.

21. Learn one emergency preparedness skill every month and share it with a neighbor.

22. Plant a garden. The older we get the harder it is to kneel and garden. Keep your body healthy.

23. Get something that has the days of the week, like a desk calendar….I NEVER know what day it is…it really is fun not knowing. I used to have so many deadlines I had clocks everywhere at work. NOW I would like something to “flip over” that says: Monday the 1st, Tuesday the 2nd…LOL!

24. Fall in love all over again….take time for yourself and enjoy your partner….

25. Make a date afternoon…the prices are cheaper, or make a lunch and go to the park…

26. What to do when you retire-go Golf or take golfing lessons.

27. Volunteer to tutor children at your local schools.

28. Rest and get the sleep you have needed for years..meditate..breathe…breathe…breathe

29. Go camping. Go to a resort. Go see Niagara Falls or Mount Rushmore… go see as many National and State Parks as you can.

30. Be prepared for the unexpected. Learn preparedness skills, get a 72 hour bug out bag/kit. Stock up on water, water and more water. Plan out what you eat in 30 days or more and slowly buy that much extra food to start with. Then 60 days, then 90 days, then 6 months, then one year.


4 thoughts on “What To Do When You Retire

  • April 5, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    All very good suggestions-so glad I didn’t see, “buy a good rocking chair and relax all day.” I’ve been retired for several months now and found that I really NEED to stay active! I’m working on #18, tougher than it sounds, as to know when “enough is enough”.

    • April 5, 2014 at 6:26 pm

      Ron, yes you need to finish writing that book…it will be a BEST SELLER! Linda

    • April 7, 2014 at 11:27 am

      Hi Wanda Ann, I am so ready too! See you soon! Hugs! Linda


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