Practical Self-Reliance Book Review

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Today I am going to tell you about a book I have been reading, Practical Self-Reliance by John D. McCann. Here’s the deal, I loved the book just looking at the cover. It has a wheat grinder just like mine on the front of the book. The GrainMaker Wheat Grinder  is made in Montana! Yes, I have my electric wheat grinder but it is nice to see someone else has the same one I purchased a few years ago! Yep, it’s a hand crank one.

I must say, Mr. John D. McCann tells it like it is in this book. As I glanced throught the book I saw a spinning wheel. Oh my goodness, I have one of those in my garage in pieces. I inherited it from my mother when she died. It was truly her pride and joy in life to own her familys’ spinning wheel. I do not know how to use it but now that I have John’s book I am going to figure out how I can. I can make yarn with that baby.

Now onto this fabulous self-reliance book. He teaches how to reduce our dependency on others…literally. He starts the book by saying that his intention is not to make you totally self-reliant because that would be impractical and unrealistic. He shows step by step self-reliance tools or techniques. You do not have to buy everything…you can make it. Love it!

He talks about being more self-reliant by looking at things in our lives that we want more than what we need. We might look at things differently if we thought about those two words: Needs vs. Wants. Hmmmm….this statement could mean the difference between being independent over being more dependent. I love how he writes about these issues.

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John addresses several items we can all have, and he does it in a book format so we can see the illustrations and pictures. So much of what he writes about is recycle and repurposing items to enjoy self-reliance.

He talks about the skills we should all have and the tools we need to survive most any unforeseen disaster. He commented he likes to keep “how to” books. I appreciate that John has thought about the need for real hard copy books. Yes, it is fun to download our Kindles, or whatever, but a hardcopy book will win out in a disaster. I have always thought the same thing.

Here are few things that he addresses in his book:

1. Water

2. Light

3. Power

4. Sanitation & Hygiene

5. Skills & Tools

6. Food Storage

7. Food preservation

This is just a taste of this awesome book. I highly recommend this book for the beginner prepper to the more advanced prepper. A prepper in my opinion is someone who preps to be prepared for the unexpected. This book will carry you through any disaster situation. The book has over 300 pages of ways we can be self-reliant. Thank you John for writing this awesome book for the world to learn to be less dependent on others.

P.S. He is the type of person everyone would want to have as a neighbor. Just saying……


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