Can You Use 5 Ways To Organize Your Home

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Today I’m going to suggest 5 ways to organize your home. An organized home can mean different things to different people. I love it when my home is totally picked up and things are in their planned place.  I can go to bed at night feeling more calm and comfortable knowing when I get up the house, and my day, are clean, clear and ready to start off fresh.  I love waking up in the morning to a clean home, kitchen, etc.!

I love a house of order. I am totally relaxed when my house is organized. No clutter. I can find anything anytime.

These are my 5 ways to organize your home:

1. Scope out your home

Look around your home and start with the easiest room. It can be a bit overwhelming to first tackle the worst room or closet in the house. Set a timer and start with 15 minutes a day. Most of us can set aside a 15 minute pocket of time each day to organize or clean up an area.  If not once a day, how about once a week. I realize most people are busy. But if we really want to be organized we have to start somewhere. Yep, you heard that right…we have to start. We do not have to look at the entire house and be exhausted just thinking about the WHOLE house… we don’t. Make a list and mark down which day you will spend that 15 minutes to do something in your home that may make the difference in how you feel about the home, and yourself. You will be amazed how much better you will feel when that hall closet is cleaned out and you can find things when you need them most.

2. Do I really need this or not?

Think about the items in your home that are not being used and decide if you can let go of them. Do you hold onto things because someday you might need them? Here’s the deal. I have done the same thing. I used to be a private banker and then owned my own mortgage company for about 14 years. I had really nice suits I wore each day at work. Well, now I live in Southern Utah where I wear flip flops. I could not bring myself to part with those expensive suits I worked so hard to buy. Then it donned on me, I no longer want anything that needs to be dry-cleaned. That clinched it. Yep, I let go of the suits. Hopefully, someone can use them at the thrift store.

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Look around and see if you have things that others could buy at a thrift store that is still in good shape. I decided to use the one-year timeframe. If I have not used it one year I must let it go to the thrift store. I have now changed that to 6 months. Besides space these items take up in your home, there is the fact that many clothes items go out of style, or maybe you’ve put on a few pounds, making them uncomfortable to wear.  You may think you’ll save them for “when I get back to that weight”.  Let’s get real, how many of us achieve that goal for that reason.

If you do lose the pounds, use a fun day shopping for some newer stuff as your “I did it” payday. Will you feel guilty if you get rid of something? Are you afraid you will miss something? When you buy something….get rid of something. Our houses are not storage units, or are they?

3. Get garbage bags, clear, black and a box

Get some clear bags, these will be used to take items to the thrift store you no longer need. You can get black bags for things that should just be thrown out and of little use any longer. Get a box….this box or these boxes can be for items you need to think about before purging them.

4. Is your garage is an endless storage bin?

It’s funny, as I drive around the neighborhood and see what the garages look like when folks leave the garage door open.  Some folks are lucky to be able to close that garage door without doing damage to the contents since there is s much stuff there.  I realize that many of us have had to “downsize” now we are in a different stage of life.  The kids are gone, along with most of their belongings.  We don’t need all the space we needed in years past because it’s just the two of us.  But now we’ve done the downsize thing from a home size basis let’s do it right and get rid of all the things we really don’t need going forward.  We know people who have a storage unit with monthly storage bills that cost more than the items being stored are really worth.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to use that garage space for its intended use, to park a car!

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5. Ask someone to help & label your containers

Ask someone to help you, it is really fun to do it with someone else.  I asked a friend to help me with my prepper stuff in the garage. I later hired a young girl that needed some money to go to a neighborhood function. Yes, I probably could have done it myself, but I was so thankful for the help, and I got the garage organized in half the time it would have taken if I had done it by myself. Do you love to label your containers as much as I do? I love labeling everything. You can use mailing labels or have someone cut vinyl lettering for you. I love waking up in the morning to a clean home, kitchen, etc.! I have to have a timer and music to get me motivated. Yes, I have the house rocking with happy music when I decide to get in a de-clutter mood…I love it! I hope my 5 ways to organize your home motivates you to organize your everything!

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4 thoughts on “Can You Use 5 Ways To Organize Your Home

  • August 14, 2014 at 8:37 am

    how’d you know that #1 would be the answer in part to my prayer? 😀

    • August 14, 2014 at 11:52 am

      Hi Andi, I am so glad that post was a answer to your prayer! I actually did the post because I myself was feeling overwhelmed by stuff…stuff I want to straighten up, trash or whatever! I am so glad soomeone else out there needed this post as much as I did! Blessings…Linda

  • August 14, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    WOW, Linda, you must have read my thoughts!!! I’m feeling overwhelmed about all of “What to do with things”. I’ll enjoy going thru my stuff now that I know that I have a friend doing the same thing! Thanks

    • August 15, 2014 at 6:26 am

      Hi LaRene, I have to say I was feeling a bit overwhelmed looking at stuff I need to let go of….give to the thrift store, organize or trash it. I am so glad to hear I am not alone! LOL! Linda


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