How To Get Organized In Your Home And Yard

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Do you sometimes wonder how to get organized in your home and yard? First of all, where do I start, right? Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to start the organizing. Should I start with my bedroom, the living room, the den, the kitchen or garage? Don’t forget the yard this time of year will need some special attention as the leaves change color and the garden needs to be cleaned out.

We need our gardens to be ready for planting again when the time is right next spring.

Get Organized In Your Home

  1. start with the master bedroom, do you need a sanctuary like me?
  2. tackle one bedroom/closet a week
  3. clean the kitchen when you have the energy-I love doing kitchens-turn on your favorite music
  4. organize the washroom/laundry room, dispose properly of all items that you will never use
  5. hall closet, this one I need a timer for….30 minutes maximum on this one!
  6. set a date to unsubscribe to those emails that tempt us to buy things we do not need
  7. set another day aside to stop the junk mail and save some trees via email, call to cancel or send a letter-just do it
  8. stop magazines or newspapers you really have zero time to read or have zero interest in reading any more
  9. get a good flashlight, it’s the prepper in me, this one requires zero batteries: Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight with Integrated Solar Panel
  10. wash the windows inside and out, I love sparkly clean windows
  11. clean the blinds or shutters
  12. shampoo your carpets or rugs
  13. go through your first aid kit and toss out the old and replenish, here’s my First Aid Kit List
  14. go through your clothes closet and donate to your local thrift store, because I guarantee someone would wear that shirt or blouse that has been hanging in your closet for 5 years unworn. Please donate…..
  15. if you have curtains, wash them to freshen them up, dry clean if applicable
  16. sell any unwanted furniture or donate your excess to your local thrift store
  17. store water and add to your food storage, we need to take care of ourselves after a disaster, make room for your 72-hour kits/water
  18. download my FREE emergency binder contents on the right side of my home page of my blog
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Get Organized In Your Yard

  1. wash and dry yard tools as needed to keep them from rusting
  2. get the lawnmower blades sharpened, better yet, get a second set
  3. rake the leaves and use as mulch, if possible
  4. buy garden gloves on clearance this year for use NEXT year
  5. till the garden, or, in my case turn over the soil in garden boxes and pots
  6. trim the bushes and trees that need to be cleaned up
  7. remove the debris from cleaning the bushes and trees
  8. fertilize the lawn for winter
  9. water the trees deeply (I do this once a month in the winter, twice a month in the hot summer)
  10. clean the barbecue and make sure you have propane tanks that are filled
  11. obtain a rain barrel, if your state permits it
  12. clean your wind chimes and put them away for the winter
  13. repair, maintain or replace all yard care items/tools that no longer work
  14. clean out that third golf club bag-this one is for my husband, you only need one, maybe two if others need a loaner set
  15. sell the items in the garage you have not used for 5 years or longer and will probably never use again
  16. clean out the dead non-producing vegetables or fruits
  17. cut the bushes in your yard so that neighbors can safely walk by them if they are hanging over the sidewalk
  18. plant tulips or daffodil bulbs, I had to throw that one in, I just bought a bag of 36 daffodil bulbs
  19. remove all weeds and small trash from your yard….your neighbors will love it
  20. replace or repair damaged hoses and hose washers
  21. wash down the lawn furniture and cover for winter, this is what I use: Karcher K 2.300 1600PSI 1.25GPM Electric Pressure Washer, Yellow
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Please tell me your favorites that I can add to these lists, let’s be organized in our homes and yards. We can do it, a little at a time!

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Organized In Your Home And Yard

  • September 29, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    Thank you for all the suggestions. They are very helpful and there are some that I had not thought about.

    • September 29, 2015 at 5:59 pm

      Hi Brenda, I can always use a little reminder here and there. And I love new ideas to get organized, Linda


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