101 Feelings Of Joy And Inspiration From My Life

I hope you will enjoy my 101 feelings of joy and inspiration from my life today. I was born in 1950, I will save you the math, I am 67 years old as of today. I know people have been writing about what they are thankful for recently, but today it’s all about joy and inspiration.  I was born in California and have lived a fairly simple frugal life since the day I was born. I was 18 months old when my birth father was diagnosed with Polio. He was in an iron lung for many months. My older sister and I were farmed out to relatives since my mother had to quickly become the breadwinner. Sometime later, my sister was diagnosed with the same disease but didn’t require an iron lung.  [Read more…]

What Is Wrong With People-Can We Just Get Along?

What is wrong with people, can we just get along? This statement isn’t the first time we’ve heard it. I try to never write anything controversial on my blog. I’m nice, yes, nice. Do I get ticked off sometimes, of course, I do. But I will not go on a rampage and post on FaceBook, or Tweet negative comments. I scroll through FaceBook and sometimes think to myself, wow, are these people super angry or what? I then unfollow AND unfriend that person. I wonder why I ever followed them in the first place. Some of the people pop up that I don’t even know. Thank goodness I can move on to other things when they are so angry and I don’t have to deal with them or their approach to things. I don’t need that in my life. You’ll understand about the hot chocolate below.

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10 Things You Can Do For The Elderly

The reason I want to share 10 things you can do for the elderly today is that I live by a lot of elderly people. Mark and I went to a surprise birthday party last night for a dear friend that turned 85 years old yesterday. His wife, Lyn sent the invitations through the mail so her husband, Vern would have NO idea he would celebrate his birthday with so many close friends. Here’s the deal, first of all,  you would never guess he is 85 years old. He is the guy in the neighborhood digging holes for trees, dragging the branches from trees he has cut down for people, and he would help anyone anytime. Yes, he has a bad back but that doesn’t stop him. He is truly an angel for the people who live near him. Everyone loves Vern and Lyn!

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12 Reasons Why You Need Family-Friends

I’m sure there are more than 12 reasons why you need family-friends, but I will start with this number today. I have had a lot of time lately to think back over my life and think about my family and friends. I’ve had a very good life, compared to some people I know. My husband, Mark loves me more than I can even describe. I have been very, very blessed with his compassion and love for me. I grew up in a negative family situation. My mom was a single mom and later married a wonderful man. But life was still very hard for me growing up. I would have to say I have PTSD from my childhood. You don’t need to know the details, but Mark has made me the woman I am today. I do need to say my mom taught me to work hard and be strong, and I’m thankful for that.

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