What Is In Your Bucket List For Emergencies

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Do you have a bucket list for emergencies? I know when we hear the word bucket list maybe we think of dreams. Maybe plan a trip somewhere, go visit a state you have never been to, take a hike where you would be challenged, bungee jump, skydive out of a plane, golf at Pebble Beach or Augusta (my husband’s dream), climb the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe you would want to go deep sea fishing, visit the pyramids, visit your state park, visit all the national parks.

You get the picture. Let’s picture a more realistic need to a bucket list…. Here are my bucket lists for emergencies today:

1. Store food-remember my motto “one can at a time”. I have a list of 20 food storage items I would start with…

2. Store water-we need a minimum of 4 gallons per person per day, that’s the minimum for emergencies or everyday life.

3. Get a 72-hour kit or bug out bag: Printables (ADULT)-(CHILD)-(PET) fill them as you can. If you cannot afford a bag, start with a box-please make a tag for them, you just might need it. Oh, and don’t forget pictures (actually 2 pictures of each person)…if you get separated…you will have pictures to show those in charge of finding missing loved ones.

4. Learn how to use cooking devices that are outside the normal routine you are used to using. If an emergency happened and we had zero power for 7 days, 2 weeks, or a month, we need to practice and teach skills to our family now in order to survive using our emergency stash of equipment.

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5. Get a solar device if nothing more than a flashlight that does not need batteries-also something you can charge your cell phones with. Emergency bed bag by Linda

6. Gather up your important documents and put them all together in a safe place contents: Food Storage Moms FREE Printable Emergency Binder Download

7. Start storing extra fuel, coal, wood, propane (whatever your city/county allows). Propane lasts indefinitely, but here are a few other ideas for small homes. Fuel by Linda

8. Plan an escape plan-have a family meeting and decide what you will do if an unforeseen emergency should happen in your neighborhood. What will you do if you are at work…if you are at school…if you are at the grocery store…if you are at church….the whole family needs a plan to follow. Role play and ask questions like “what if you are at work, what do I do”?  What if you are hiking? Where will we meet? Plan this before you need it. Hopefully, you never will. Remember, not all unforeseen emergencies happen in the daytime…do you know where your flashlights are? Do you have batteries? Let’s be prepared for any emergency or unforeseen disaster. What’s on your bucket list for emergencies?

Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected, unforeseen emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere.

Let me know if this one is okay, thank again, Linda Blog: https://www.foodstoragemoms.com/

My favorite 5 emergency products I highly recommend are the following:

  1. Sports Berkey Bottle purifies water whether you are camping, traveling or a disaster hits your community. I gave one of these to every member of my family for Christmas a few years ago.
  2. I had to wait three months for a gas line to be installed in my kitchen for a new gas stove a few years back. I used this Butane Stove with one butane canister because I did not have a stove or oven in my house for three months.
  3. In that same period of three months waiting for the gas line, I used a Sun Oven to bake meals outside.
  4. I am a big survival fan and therefore every Christmas I give my four daughters something that is needed for survival. I gave each family a Lodge Dutch Oven so they are able to boil water, bake bread, or make just about every meal they want to make outside with the charcoal they have stored.
  5. I have a son-in-law that requires a CPAP for sleep apnea nightly, and if the power goes out he needs a backup plan. I purchased a Goal Zero Yeti 400 complete with solar panels to save his life if the power goes out.
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