50 Back To School Lunch Ideas We Can All Use

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Can you use 50 back to school lunch ideas? You can use these suggestions whether you home school or send your kids to public school. Sometimes we just need a few new ideas for school lunch. It’s that time of year when a lot of families are putting lunches together for school, and so I decided to add a little twist today. I was down in California visiting my daughter, Allison and we were talking about school lunches, school clothes, etc. I also had been talking to my daughter, Heidi about her kid’s school lunches. We laughed about my husband getting a Miracle Whip and lettuce sandwich made by his mom to take to school back when he didn’t like cheese. Yes, you read that correctly!!!

Here is something I came across after doing some research when my daughter Heidi told me about some compartment lunch containers I should look into. The one shown below is an NUK Fresh Foods Freezer Tray with lid. I think I paid about $8.00 for it at Walmart in the baby section. It’s dishwasher safe and you can even freeze stuff like baby food in them. You cannot microwave food in it. I am thinking about freezing herbs with a little water in them as well. Today though it’s all about school lunches.

The first nine items below are the foods I chose for one of my cute neighbors, Lexie to take in her school lunch with this cute reusable container. Later, I called to interview her to see how the lunch container worked. She did remove the ranch dressing because it was leaking, but she said the lunch stayed cold and she enjoyed the different food items. LOVE it! Thanks to Lexie for being my tester on this. Here is another choice for lunch box containers: EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers, Set of 4, Classic. I found this one as well: Yumbox Panino (Lavande Purple) Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids and Adults

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50 Back To School Lunch Ideas | by FoodStorageMoms.com

50 Back To School Lunch Ideas

1. cheese cubes

2. pistachio nuts

3. animal crackers

4. zucchini strips

5. ranch dressing (**warning-please put in separate container)

6. carrots

7. cheese crackers

8. pineapple cubes

9. mini cookies (yep I have a sweet tooth)

10. freeze dried peas

11. fresh peas

12. freeze dried corn

13. fresh corn

14. freeze dried green beans

15. fresh green beans

16. freeze dried strawberries

17. fresh strawberries

18. freeze dried bananas

19. fresh bananas

16. freeze dried mango

17. fresh mango

16. freeze dried grapes

17. fresh grapes

18. freeze dried cherries

19. fresh cherries

20. freeze dried pineapple

21. freeze dried apples

22. fresh apples

23. turkey cubes/strips

23. chicken cubes/strips

24. almond butter

25. peanut butter

26. mini muffins

27. croutons

28. homemade pizza bites (pizza cut into small bite size pieces)

29. pudding

30. finger Jello (gelatin)

31. fresh broccoli

32. sandwiches cut in cubes (peanut/almond butter and jelly)

33. cherry tomatoes

34. bell pepper strips (green, red or yellow)

35. ham cubes

36. mini soft flour tacos (you make yourself)

37. mini bean burritos (you make yourself)

38. salsa (**warning-please put in separate container)

39. tofu

40. yogurt (**warning-please put in a separate container)

41. boiled eggs

42. celery sticks

43.  sweet potatoes chips

44. cottage cheese (drain the liquid)

45. popcorn

46. fruit dip  (**warning-please put in a separate container)

47. cauliflower

48. rice

49. rice cakes

50. cantaloupe/watermelon/honeydew

Let me know what other items you like to add to my school lunch list…..I will add them! You can add a spoon or fork and place the container in an insulated lunch box or bag. Oh, and of course a cute napkin with XOXO written on it!

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CJ just sent me these ideas! Thanks so much!

51. pickles

52. cucumber slices or strips

53. Rice Krispy treats

54. a small scoop of pasta salad

55. a small scoop of whatever is leftover from dinner

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4 thoughts on “50 Back To School Lunch Ideas We Can All Use

  • September 16, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Pickles (homemade here) or cucumber slices or strips
    rice krispy treats cut in small cubes or strips
    small scoop of pasta salad
    small scoops of whatever was leftover from dinner (my little one is always jealous when we get the leftovers)

    • September 16, 2013 at 6:27 pm

      CJ, thanks so much for these ideas! I am going to go add them right now! Hugs! Linda

    • September 17, 2013 at 7:33 pm

      Heidi, thanks so much! Hugs! Linda


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