31 Day Challenge To Get Organized

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Baby, it’s hot outside! Because it’s so hot here in Southern Utah, I decided to do a 31-day challenge to get organized inside my air-conditioned home. Maybe you are already organized and you don’t need to read this post. Well, I feel I am very organized and I NEED this post myself. Some people are so overwhelmed they do not know where to start to get organized. So, let’s get organized, starting today. Yep, today. Easy peasy!

I love using a minute timer to set maybe 15 minutes to get this closet organized.

Get Organized

Now the reason I decided on 31 days to get organized over just 30 days is that it gives us one more day to organize stuff. I saw a post today on Facebook by my blogging friend, Joyce. We are the same age, give or take year or so. Joyce announced she is no longer the keeper of her family’s stuff. You know love letters, family and friend letters, cards from aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa and cousin Eddie notes.

I made a decision a few years ago to get rid of some old pictures, yep I threw them out. Here’s the deal, I do not want my kids having to go through the pictures one by one in a HUGE box after I die. I thought about scanning them, nope my kids would never look at the scanned pictures. My daughters have all their kids pictures in digital form. They make books once a year with some of their favorite pictures in them.

This last Saturday, my husband was watching a famous golf game on our bedroom television. Well, I have been thinking we needed to orgainze one room at a time in our house. So Saturday was day one, our bedroom, while he watched the television the bedroom became a huge mess.

I pulled everything off the shelves. I started wiping all the shelves with a great smelling cleaner. Oh man, the bedroom smelled clean! We began looking in all the “cubicles” on the closet shelves. Well, I found some really old fanny packs. Don’t laugh, I picture myself wearing them at Disneyland some day. Or flying to Canada to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. That’s on my bucket list.

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Anyway, my husband and I decided to rid the closet of clothes we do not need that some families might need by taking them to a thrift store. It’s really a good feeling looking at the closet dust free and clutter free. Then we did the dresser drawers. Wow, I went and got a garbage can for the junk, and some clear plastic bags to fill for the thrift store.

31 Ideas/31 Days To Get Organized

1. master bedroom-clean closet, organize dressers

2. kids bedrooms-organize closet, clothes, toys, shoes

3. guest rooms-organize closet

4. sewing room-organize the drawers, closet, etc. Donate fabric you know you will never use to the thrift store

5. laundry room-clean the cupboards above the washer and dryer. Clean under and behind them if possible.  Check and replace the washer hose if needed. It’s the first thing that goes. Clean out the dryer vents from the dryer to the outside vent cover-huge fire hazard

6. bathroom (s) wipe out the cupboards and drawers-get a garbage can, trust me on this one

7. piano bench/piano books-yep I would go through them-donate where you can

8. hall closets-organize your stuff and get rid of anything you might never use like old jackets or sweaters

9. organize your bills and tax returns-put them in alphabetical order

10. put together an emergency binder with all your important documents

11. organize your 72-hour kits or bug out bags-make a list of things you need and rotate the food in the bags

12. make a plan to pay off your house if you own a house. If you make one extra payment a year on a 30-year mortgage you can get it paid off around 21-22 years

13. make a plan to get out debt if you have debt other than your house

14. plan your grocery shopping based on a weekly menu-get organized by making a list, trust me you will save money if you don’t shop for unnecessary things

15. clean out the living room cupboards or drawers in the side lamp tables

16. game stash-throw out the game if too many pieces are missing or broken – puzzles can be a prime candidate

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17. get organized with fishing, hunting and camping supplies

18. check your first aid supplies and add to them in case of an emergency, this is what I used for my first aid kit: Plano Large 6-Tray Tackle Box

Here’s my first aid printable list: First Aid Kit List by Food Storage Moms.

19. organize the shed-donate what you haven’t used in years

20. clean the garage

21. the kitchen-add shelves like this if you are short on space in the pantry: Organize Your Pantry by Food Storage Moms.

22. organize under the kitchen sink-this is a big project at my house

23. civic club or church paperwork-organize them in alphabetical order so you can find stuff when needed

24. organize your books-donate if you won’t read them again – consider going to electronic books, sure saves room and you can take your reader with you wherever you go

25. alphabetize those recipes you love

26. check on your home, car or whatever insurance to see if you can save money by increasing the deductible or eliminating coverage you don’t need any more

27. go through your kitchen pans and see if you need all those large utensils-can you part with some if you don’t use them very often

28. go through all those cups or glasses in the kitchen and discard those that are taking up space, have scratches, chips or stains

29. go through your crafts or hobby stuff and discard items you don’t use

30. go through your tools and set aside the ones you need-donate the ones you don’t need, particularly duplicates – keep the best quality items

31. get organized with your garden supplies and tools

I promise as you orgainze each room, closet, box or whatever you will feel free and calm. I absolutely love my home when it is clean and clutter free. Life is good when you can just relax and smell the roses or watch the hummingbirds.

Organize your home and yard by Linda

3 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge To Get Organized

  • July 15, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Throw out old family photos!!! NEVER! Scan them and save them to a flash drive (one for each child at least).

    • July 15, 2015 at 6:45 pm

      Hi Kathie, I have photo albums of my daughters they can scan the pictures if they choose to do that after I die. I think they do flash drives of their kids pictures. Linda

  • August 2, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    My sisters and I had to go through my parents stuff, especially the pictures. When it came to generations back, even my parents didn’t know who the people were in the pictures or where the places were. So we tossed them. We have two boxes of pictures from my husband’s family. His grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles are gone, and he has no children of his own. We keep them now in separate boxes with labels. If he goes before me, I will keep a few of the pictures that he likes of his parents that I knew – the rest will go. Pictures and things that we value don’t seem to be as important to the younger generation as they were to us. . . so I agree to organize, donate, and toss. We went through that process before moving long distance not wanting to pay for the weight!!!


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