Pandemic Supplies You Will Need For Survival

Pandemic Supplies You Will Need For Survival

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I wrote an article a few years ago about pandemic supplies we all need to store. I’m updating my pandemic supplies today for those who may have missed it. I also wrote a post about POD’s, your local county health department “point of distribution” centers. They ask people to attend if they have emergency preparedness skills and train them to pass out critically needed antibiotics should a pandemic occur. Are the POD’s advertised, you may be thinking? No, they are not! You can find out where they are by calling your local county health department. Please read more about the meeting I was asked to attend: Point of Distribution. Here’s the deal, these centers are set up in different churches and schools in your neighborhood.

The one that Mark and I were assigned to is about 8-10 miles away. Now, to me, this is not realistic, but I’m not in charge. As an emergency preparedness person, I am thinking we may have to walk there, stand in line and walk back with a bag full of supplies if we have an EMP and the cars no longer work, or our cars are out of gas. I am not walking that many miles, carrying pandemic supplies for my neighborhood. Mark has a bike, but can you imagine what chaos there will be on the route to that church our neighborhood has been designated to go to, let alone the big hill he’d have to peddle his bike over?Today I want you to think about being prepared with pandemic supplies in your home. I will tell you the antibiotics you need.

Please remember, I am not a doctor, nurse or anyone in the medical field. But I am prepared for the worst scenarios. We must all be prepared for the worst. Please do not expect FEMA, another government agency, or anyone else to take care of you. You must start stockpiling the items below at the very least. You will add others as you fill your pandemic supplies or first aid supplies. Obviously, if you are on the road, you may not have everything you need as far as pandemic supplies in your car.

Pandemic Supplies

1. Face Masks

(N-95’s) and (n-100’s) to help stop the dust from an earthquake or infections spreading from sneezing (I store 100’s of these, it’s who I am.)  3M 1860 Medical Mask N95, 20 Count

2. Diapers (cloth)

They can be used for many things. Cleaning, babies, stop the bleeding from cuts, wash or dry dishes…add a scarf for your head as well. These are the diapers I recommend: Gerber 10-Pack Cloth Diaper Prefold Premium 6-ply with absorbent padding

3. Cough medicine, fever medications

Prescriptions as required (stock up on 90 days if possible) Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Vicks, and other OTC drugs you use. Please stock up on essential oils as well.

4. Portable radio

Hopefully, you have a crank version or some way to power it to hear what is going on locally if you lose power.

5. Flashlight

Store extra batteries or a solar flashlight is even better with a crank as well. My favorite is the Goal Zero Solar crank one: Goal Zero Solo LED Flashlight or this one: Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight with Integrated Solar Panel

6. Manual can opener

This is a must have for every kit. You may need to open other people’s food storage cans as well as your own.

7. Garbage bags

Bags of all sizes, kitchen size bags these can be used for trash, body bags if need be, potty chairs, etc.

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8. Cans of juices (bag/cartons)

I put 100% juice in this container-ten pouches. I’m sure it has some sugar, I still need it in my bucket.

9. Fluids with Electrolytes

I can also make my own electrolyte solution that is very similar, but I want one large bottle ready to serve.

10. Anti-diarrhea medicine

Diarrhea can kill if the person gets too dehydrated. I always look at a child’s lips to see if they are dry and shiny red or cracked. If so, they need water asap.

11. Paper towels

You can never have too many paper towels.

12. Toilet paper

You can never have too much toilet paper.

13. Thermometer

If someone is that sick we can usually tell if they have a fever..its when the fever gets over 104 degrees in the morning that things become so critical. Typically fevers are always higher in the afternoon. I get worried if it’s in the morning, it’s just me. If I can’t break a fever, I will worry. If I can break a fever, I feel the fever is good and is fighting the virus naturally. Remember I am not a doctor, I am a mother and a grandma. We all have mother’s intuition, if the child is lethargic, we know what to do. But if we have zero access to a doctor or antibiotics, I want to be able to think through what I must do to help someone until professional help arrives. Please keep the baby, child or adult hydrated.

14. Canned baby formula

Be sure and get some baby bottles ready to serve, if needed. I do not have any babies around me, but if I had to feed a newborn baby I would have something, hopefully, that is nourishing to a baby.

15. Dog/Pet food

I am thinking about my beloved Shih-Tzu, Bentley. If you have pets, add some cans of food or extra bags of food for them in your stash.

16. Soap and anti-bacterial soap

I am constantly washing my hands. I know this is one more way we can not only keep our hands clean but also slow down the spread of infection by washing our hands. I store several bars of my favorite soap called Tone.

17. Paper Cups/Plates/Plastic Utensils

You can never store too many paper cups, plates, and plastic utensils.

18. Disposable rubber gloves

You can never have too many disposable gloves. Latex free versions are even better when you decide to buy some to add to your stash.

19. Bleach

Okay, I have to say we need bleach. I know some people are against bleach. Well, I will use it to clean up the sewage backup overflow or whatever I need to kill bacteria. Pool “shock” chemicals work well too (very concentrated-be careful).

20. Clear plastic sheeting (4mil)

Get 100 feet for setting up isolation rooms.

21. Duct Tape

Oh my gosh, I just start thinking about Duct Tape, it has a million ways we can use it. That’s the link where I share 25 ways to use duct tape.

22. Borax

Great for toilet provisions. It helps clean the potty chair, but also, put a little in the bottom of the portable toilet to help control the odor.

23. Clothesline rope and clothes pins

We might have a washing/rinsing bucket, but we will need to hang up some wet clothes to dry.

24. Laundry Soap

We need laundry soap/detergent for washing dirty underwear, at the very least. We can wear shirts and short or pants several times, but it would be nice to have clean underwear.

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25. Dawn Dish Soap

This is my favorite liquid soap. It may cost a bit more, but the few cents is totally worth the grease this stuff can clean. We need to be able to wash the dishes, serving spoons, spatulas, pans needed to prepare meals.

26. Kitty Litter

I store this stuff that is great for potty chairs.

27. Water Filters and purification devices

I use the LifeStraw and the Berkey Sports Water Bottle for filtering water as well as the Big Berkey Water Purifying System.

28. Water/Food Buckets

Never throw out buckets you can use for other things like washing, rinsing or mixing large batches of meals for your neighborhood (food containers only for meal preparation).

29. Water

Please store LOTS of water, at least 1-4 gallons per person per day. I prefer 4-gallons but store as much as you possibly can.

30. Food Storage

Please store at least seven days of food for each member of your family. Here is a chart for you to write down what you eat for seven days. Thirty days, 90 days or more would be fantastic, but do what your budget will allow, one can at a time. If we had a pandemic you will be confined to your home, the local grocery store will be closed and I can guarantee you the government will not deliver food to your doorstep. It’s not going to happen. We must be self-reliant, period. Food Storage For 7 Days This document, you fill out as a family. You decide what you will eat for every day of the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for seven days. I use these at every class I teach on food storage and emergency preparedness to show people how easy it is to plan your food storage for one week.

31. Antibiotics

ALWAYS check with your doctor before we have a pandemic to see what prescriptions are safe for you to store and use before we are faced with a full on pandemic.

Amoxicillin is good for strep throat, dental infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, and sometimes bladder infections.

Cephalexin (Keflex) is good for skin infections, sinus infections, bladder infections, bronchitis or other chronic conditions.

Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) is good for bladder infections, Anthrax, plague, pneumonic plague

My doctor informed me that most antibiotics will last five to ten years beyond the listed expiration date. He told me about his experience during the Haiti earthquake disaster. He and other doctors went on a humanitarian mission in hopes they could make a difference. They were able to take some antibiotics with them and were grateful they did since the hospitals and clinics ran out almost overnight. He realized that many victims would have lost limbs if not for the antibiotics they took along. Think about what you would do if someone in your family is cut really badly and they are getting a bad will need some meds to tide you over until additional supplies become available…..just some things to think about. What alternative medicines are we prepared to use?

Please plan out your pandemic supplies, we will need them sooner or later, I promise. Please be prepared for the unexpected. May God bless you and your family.

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  1. Kathie Miller says:

    Antibiotics: How can we stock these? They are prescription only, and not taking all of it is not not an option!

    • Hi Kathie, I finish the entire prescription. I get a lot of UTI’s so I get three refills on each prescription. I do not go to InstaCare type clinics because they are not your primary doctor. They cannot give you refills. It’s all up to your family doctor whether he will give you refills or not. I hope this helps. I will not buy fish antibiotics or prescriptions for pets. I asked my pharmacist and he said they are not the same. I know people buy them from Canada and pick them up from Mexico, I won’t do that either. Linda

      • JoEllen says:

        Can you get them from Canada or Mexico without a prescription? Just wondering… Are there internet/mail order sources? Could you say more about what exactly constitutes a pandemic and why you think it will be sooner than later? Thanks.

        • Hi JoEllen, I have heard people get prescriptions from Mexico and Canada. I know in Mexico they just drive over and pick them up….I’m too nervous to do that. Let me say this about a pandemic, no one knows when a pandemic or horrific influenza may hit where we live. In the last century, three Influenza Pandemics occurred…1918-19, 1957-58 and 1968-69. Many scientists believe it is a matter of time before another influenza pandemic occurs. Will it be a pandemic, tainted water, a terrorist attack, no one knows when an unforeseen emergency may happen? We just need to be over prepared rather than unprepared. I pay cash for my prescriptions at local pharmacies. They end up being cheaper than my co-pay with insurance. Please do not panic, our public health departments are prepared to receive any needed prescriptions on the west coast from Colorado, that’s what we told at our POD training. I sat there thinking that sounds good but what if we have an EMP….unless the cars or trucks are really old we will not receive any drugs….it’s the prepper in me. We will survive, trust me, we can do it. Linda

          • JoEllen says:

            Thanks for your response. After seeing the FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina, I’m not so sure they are reliable. I keep thinking that I should not be relying on the government; instead that I need to beef up my preps to cover my household’s (2 adults) needs. When I read your post on pandemic preps I’m about 1/2 way there on that issue. The drugs trouble me a little though. Doctors here are very stingy with prescriptions and look at you like you’ve lost your mind if you ask for extras for preps! Recently I downloaded a copy of LDS Preparedness Manual from AVOW and when I did their quiz to see how prepared we are, I fall short! So many things to consider. I find your posts very useful. Thanks!

          • Hi JoEllen, oh my gosh, I read the book “Five Days At Memorial” I was appalled at what happened there. FEMA will not be reliable and either will the government. We will be on our own. Let me say this, what you have stored as of today is more than 90% of our country has stored. This is how I feel about preps, you have the will and desire to be prepared. I am asked all the time to come to places to “light the fire” under their community to be prepared. Well, I have three more classes and I’m not sure it’s working. If someone needs a fire to get them to prepare we are all in trouble. I wouldn’t be discouraged over the quiz. If you can cook from scratch you can survive. If you have water, beans, rice and some cases of vegetables and fruits plus the basics to make bread with peanut butter and jelly. You rock. Plant a garden with good seeds, non-GMO, non-hybrid organic seeds that will produce year after year. If you have a few organic potatoes and a pot with good soil that is at least 18 inches deep you can grow potatoes year after year. You can survive, I promise, I can hear it in your heart! I hope this helps, I wish I had some neighbors like you that had the will to prepare. You rock, Linda

    • get fish antibiotics from your vet. For even better solution check out how to make natural antibiotics from plants, There is colloid silver non prescription and even takes care of antibiotic resistant diseases. Raw natural honey, pine sap, sugar put in cuts not only stop the bleeding they force the injury to heal from the inside out and they all have strong antibiotic properties. Garlic a very powerful natural antibiotic. I could name dozens more. Why buy when you can grow or make your own that is more powerful and safer than what the doctor is going to push off on you. You clearly have a computer so research natural and alternative medicines.

      • Hi Alan, great comment, now if we can get the world to take the time to learn this. I have used colloidal silver for years. So many people are afraid of trying new things. I love alternatives medicines. I love your comment, thank you. Linda

  2. You mentioned the masks. I know I need to buy some, but I also pick one or two up at the doctors office each time I go in. I have to have my blood taken at least once a month due to my heart surgery so I am able
    to get a few masks a month. If I go to the Hospital for any reason I grab one or 2 maybe 3 and I have a plastic
    bag I keep them in at home. Hey they are free. I know you have mentioned straws before. When I go out to lunch ( I know you don’t go out very often) my brother and I get tea or water and they always bring us straws. We don’t use them so I take them. I have a bunch. I also work at a convenience store so I can get straws and few napkins or packages of Ketsup, mustard or Mayo and not cost anything. I only pickup a few packages at a time. I do have customers who will get a little baggie and grab a hand full of these packages too.

  3. Please be aware of Fluoroquinolone toxicity this is from using antibiotics such as Cipro and Levaquin. Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics that are commonly used to treat a variety of illnesses such as respiratory and urinary tract infections. These medicines include ciprofloxacin (Cipro), gemifloxacin (Factive), levofloxacin (Levaquin), moxifloxacin (Avelox), norfloxacin (Noroxin), and ofloxacin (Floxin). Some people and doctors use these antibiotics too often and not for the right reasons. I have a friend who almost died because of this. Please look into this and be aware that you can’t just take these medicines just because.

    Here is a website but there are more.
    Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome

    Hope this helps. and prepares everyone better.

    • Hi, Kimmy, I brought this very fact up at the meeting for the POD health department training. They said it’s such a small percentage, yeah right. I don’t believe it. I had done the research as well. BUT, they also said Cipro was the only one for an Anthrax pandemic. I wrote this statement after Mark and I went to the POD training in my post called Point of Distribution. “Once exposed to Anthrax you have 36 hours to get the medication to save your life. Time is of the essence. We will hand out Cipro and Doxy. Cipro is not for children, pregnant women or breastfeeding moms. These are the two drugs we need if exposed to Anthrax.” Thank you for the links you supplied. Knowledge is everything. Linda

  4. Darrell says:

    Of course a pharmacist will tell you pet or fish antibiotics are not the same. But, per a number of different sources I’ve researched, including my own doctor, , they are not only identical, they’re manufactured in the same plant. And antibiotics will last for years. The Air Force has been using stock- piled antibiotics for over 30 years with no ill effects.
    The only one that showed signs of deterioration was the tetracycline family.
    The expiration dates on all products are a made up number to get you to buy more of the same product.
    I’ve personally eaten canned food that was 6 years out of date with no ill effect. Taste was fine.

    • Hi, Darrell, wow, glad to hear this about the antibiotics being processed in the same plant. Thanks for the tip on the Air Force using stockpiled ones for over 30 years. Thanks for the great comment, I love it! Linda

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