Have No Fear If You Are Prepared For Survival

Have No Fear If You Are Prepared For Survival

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You will have no fear if you are prepared for survival, I promise. There is something about going to bed at night knowing I have water, food, and a few emergency items I can survive with. Now, this didn’t happen overnight it was a little of this and a little of that collected over many years. Sometimes we need a little push to be prepared for survival or a pat on the back for being prepared to survive almost any situation. I sometimes have to sit back and say to myself, Linda all is well, God will take care of your neighborhood, you cannot do it all yourself. I take a deep breath and say, thank you God for reminding me that I can’t do it all.  I do not have the room or money to provide for my entire neighborhood, I am prepared to take care of Mark and myself. And a few others……

I do talk with one of my friends here a few streets over about what we will each do in case we have a disaster that hits our subdivision. We both talk about how this woman can help us cook after a disaster, this guy can fix anything we need, etc. I’m asked to speak in several churches and homes so people know I’m prepared. I was asked to write a book, Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation so people know where I live. It’s a fact, I know you may have read, “keep it a secret if you have food and water”, trust me if we have the internet anyone can find us. Some preppers use a pseudonym name because they are paranoid about people knowing who they are, where they live or whatever. We have to respect their feelings. But, I’m real and I live in Southern Utah. I have readers that email me and call me. Sometimes, they just need a hand to hold to learn how to use a pressure cooker. I get it. I really do.

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I grew up with a garden, having a pantry with food, sewed my own clothes and made bread. We canned food and I taught my girls the same thing. Except, I regret I didn’t teach them to sew, but three have sewing machines. That counts, right? How can you mend if you don’t have a sewing machine? When I go visit my daughters and their families usually someone has something that needs to be taken in or mended. That’s how we roll, every house has to have a sewing machine. I’m proud to say that three of my grandkids have taken sewing lessons, hooray!

I have a few items to help you think about what you may need to add to your emergency stash, these are the bare minimum, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Have No Fear If You Are Prepared For Survival:

  1. Water, one gallon per person per day minimum, I prefer four gallons per person per day, but do what you can ASAP.
  2. Food, today I am begging you to get a few extra cans of food, the government will not be there the day after any disaster, I know because I have lived through a few emergencies and we all know this is true. We must be self-reliant.
  3. Emergency stove, Camp Chef Butane 1 Burner Stove with Camping Case you can cook just about anything on this little stove. Your gas barbecue uses too much fuel to boil water. Be sure and get extra fuel: Gasone Butane Fuel Canister (4pack)
  4. Flashlight, make sure you have batteries if you have a battery powered flashlight. I prefer to have a solar one: Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight with Integrated Solar Panel or this one I keep in the front window to keep it powered with the sun: Goal Zero Solo LED Flashlight
  5. Blankets, never give away blankets that can keep you warm if the power goes out.
  6. Portable toilet, this means store extra toilet paper, kitty litter and 10-gallon bags for your portable emergency toilet. Food Storage Moms Emergency Toilet Please remember those “time of the month” items your girls may need.
  7. Portable washing machine, we all want clean underwear no matter what, right? Food Storage Moms Portable Washer
  8. Please have a first aid kit and a good medical book like this one: The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way If your medications are expired, please pick some up today, not tomorrow if the pharmacies and stores are closed, they are closed. I can’t emphasize this enough, we must take care of ourselves, if we lose power the stores may close and so will the pharmacies. What you have in your home today is what you will have in one hour if we have a total power outage for days, weeks or months. Please be prepared for the unexpected.
  9. Please keep your gas tank at 3/4 full, if you need to flee your area, you don’t want to wait in line at a gas station to find out the tanks do not work due to lack of power.
  10. Keep small bills like ones and fives for cash if the power goes out, the banks, the stores, the ATM’s, etc. will not work.
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This is a very short list to remind you to be prepared for the unexpected. May God bless you for doing what you can to be prepared. You will have no fear if you are prepared for survival.


  1. Linda, you nailed it. I like knowing my family will be able to eat if there is a disaster. Every time the electricity goes out, we call it a practice run. When the electricity is out for a week because of an ice storm, we have been warm, fed and happy. My mother also taught me, that a full pantry and a full freezer are necessities. Gardening, soapmaking, figuring out how to substitute ingredients are all fun. I don’t feel helpless when something happens.

    God does take care of people, but he also expects us to do our part. Proverbs 22:3

    Wise people see trouble coming and get out of its way. But foolish people go straight to the trouble and suffer because of it.

    • Hi Janet, oh my gosh chills ran down my arms reading the last two statements you wrote. You nailed it! I’m hoping with my posts a few people will see the trouble that is coming, it’s in our face via TV or computers. You and I were taught well and we are teaching our families and neighbors to be prepared. Oh my goodness, you are spot on! We can survive most anything! Hus, Linda

  2. Linda, I am beside myself tonight. I simply have grave concerns over an EMP and all the people I know who aren’t prepared. I would like to say I have peace, but it feels like a train is coming and good people are playing on the tracks. I actually had someone tonight when I posted a news clip on N. Korea and an EMP implied I was dumb because the interview was on Fox. I guess I simply feel like can we ever be prepared enough for an EMP? I suppose I have to do what I can and leave it to God…

    • Hi Gayle, I totally understand what you are saying. Have you read the book “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel? It’s not if but when we will have an EMP. Our country is totally unprepared for any EMP or grid down of any kind. Our government is more worried about paying our leaders outrageous salaries and retirement with health insurance we do not have access to. I have grave concerns as you mentioned as well. I have done everything I know to be prepared for the worst scenarios. I never put anything on Facebook (except my posts and FREE Kindle books). Don’t take it personally, people are sometimes so mean to me and I have learned to let it go. I DELETE all mean comments. Or they are never shown, none of us need to read rude comments. It IS up to God now, God takes care of those who take care of themselves. Send me an email anytime, we will talk to each other to calm the fear. Love and hugs! Linda

  3. Wasn’t there an emergency binder? How do I find it?

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