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Survival Books You Will Need In Hard Copies

I recommend these survival books you will need in hard copies, not the e-book versions. If we lose power, and we will, we want a hard copy of certain books. I had a reader ask me to remind all of us to get hard copies of survival books. Now, as I’ve mentioned before I will not be hiking up into the mountains to flee my neighborhood. There again, if my house is flattened from an earthquake or flood, I will have to evacuate. I only buy hard copies of books that I need today, or possibly next year for knowledge to help me and my neighborhood get through just about any disaster, including an EMP. If you haven’t read Ted Koppel’s book as outlined below, I highly recommend it. I was actually interviewed and recorded for my thoughts about living without electricity. Although my thoughts were not included in the book it was a compliment to me to be asked for my ideas.

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