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Quick And Easy Chicken Soup Recipe For Colds-Flu

This is my quick and easy chicken soup recipe for colds and flu that anyone can make easily. My neighborhood is experiencing a cold or some kind of virus that is lasting 3-6 weeks. Some of the people have bronchitis, coughs, sinus infections and they are feeling drained of energy. I have talked to two neighbors who have been sick since Christmas and they just can’t seem to kick the cold symptoms. One mentioned her husband thought he was on the mend and then BAM he was flat in bed. This must be a bad virus, flu, cold or whatever is going around. My husband and I have been taking meals to families and today I’m going to make the biggest pot of my chicken soup recipe and put it in quart jars to deliver to more people. If you have neighbors that are ill this recipe can be taken to them in quart jars or disposable containers. All they have to do is heat it up and enjoy this chicken soup recipe that is homemade.

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