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How Prepared Are You For An Emergency

My heart is urging me to ask my readers, how prepared are you for an emergency? I’m sure there a few that will say, “I’m almost there.” Some people will say, “I’m just starting with food storage and emergency preparedness items.” Many will say, “Where do I start, I am overwhelmed with the thought of an emergency?” I am occasionally stopped at the grocery store and asked questions like, “Why are you buying so many cans of beets and green beans?” In Utah, it’s pretty common for people to purchase cases of food once a year when stores have their case lot sales in the fall. There is nothing quite as comforting as a small room packed with canned or bottled food items lined up in a row. I think the people that ask me must be on vacation and traveling through Utah because it’s normal to buy cases of the foods you eat just about every day.

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