Archives for January 6, 2017

2-Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Cookies

I love these 2-ingredient healthy breakfast cookies! I was running errands with my sister, Carol and she mentioned she saw a recipe using only 2-ingredients to make some simple healthy breakfast cookies. I said, “what?” Well, I went to the store and piled the bananas in my shopping cart. Mark and I are trying to eat healthier foods and if the recipe only calls for bananas and oatmeal, I can do that. This recipe is almost magical, I get the giggles thinking that I can have cookies for breakfast. Of course, they are great snacks as well. Here’s the deal, get some bananas and oatmeal. Now I already had regular oats in the pantry because I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast. The reason I say magical is because the 2-ingredient base recipe is stuff we usually have in the house. Most of us store oatmeal, and bananas are a fruit I buy every week. Do you typically have bananas in your kitchen?

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