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Best Organic Food Storage I Recommend

This is the best organic food storage I recommend. I promise. I get asked so many times “Linda, where do buy YOUR food storage?” Here’s the deal, I don’t buy long-term organic food storage. Now, if you buy only organic long-term food storage that’s awesome. I think it’s too expensive because when I have to cook my food storage, I can guarantee you I will be cooking for my neighborhood who may or may not have planned for any emergency or disaster. I do buy high-quality, long-term food storage that’s for sure. The first thing I do is call the different food storage companies. I check where the food was grown or if it was imported from different countries BEFORE I buy it. Sometimes, I have to get a supervisor if the person answering the phone does not know how to answer my questions. Sometimes, I’m lucky and the company posts online where they buy the food. For instance, some foods we don’t grow here in the US so those foods must be purchased from outside the USA.

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