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How To Make The Very Best Chocolate Cake Ever

If you want to know the secret on how to make the very best chocolate cake ever, I have the recipe today! This is a very moist chocolate cake I make all the time! I used to buy a certain well-known chocolate Bundt cake until I came up with this recipe. I love this recipe because I can make the cake a few days before I need it. The day of the party I pull the cake out of the freezer and place the frozen cake on the platter I want to use. I have done this for years because I have four daughters and I always made their birthday cakes ahead of time. After you place the cake on the platter, cover with plastic wrap and just let the cake thaw until you are ready to frost and decorate it. I remember picking up one of a very popular chocolate Bundt cakes and thinking “yep it’s been frozen”, that is what makes your cakes moist. The chocolate cake below is made with whipping cream on top. ChefLand Quilon Parchment Paper Pan Liner Baking Sheets – 12″ x 16″, 100 Pack. or this size: Regency Parchment Paper Liners for Round Cake Pans 9 inch diameter, 24 pack

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