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How To Never Run Out Of Milk Ever Again

Today, it’s all about how to never run out of milk ever again. This Thrive Instant Milk is easy to mix and drink as is with the amount of water stated on the can. WOW, instant milk has come a long way, baby! I grew up on powdered milk that was mixed with regular milk so it was fine to make the same thing for my kids.  Of course, it was powdered and yucky (sorry if you like it, I can still smell it). It was thick and hard to mix, I had to use a blender. I must put a huge disclaimer here, I do not, will not drink any milk. Okay, so now that I have disclosed this little tidbit, my family still goes through a lot of milk. My husband has it on his cereal every morning with bananas while he reads the two newspapers we have delivered (UPDATE-we canceled our newspapers), just part of his daily ritual. BUT I cannot be without it because I do bake with it or make hot chocolate, etc. Thrive instant milk

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