When The Toilet Paper Is Gone-What Will You Do

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When the toilet paper is gone from all the stores, now what? Some people may have a few rolls, or a few hundred rolls, stored away. Let’s assume we have an unforeseen disaster. One where the roads cave in or are washed away like we had this last winter on the east coast. We had a major highway between Southern Utah and Nevada separate when a heavy rain storm hit fast and hard. It was the remains of  Hurricane Norbert. It was closed for any semi-trucks driving from California to Northern Utah for four or five days.

This was within the last three weeks. Yikes! It was not an earthquake or hurricane right here…but it affected everyone who drives on the I-15 highway.

Highway I-15 Closed

After that highway was closed I went and checked out a local grocery store to see how the shelves looked. I had my camera with its strap around my neck and some chick with a vest mumbled something to me and I just kept walking. After I scoped out the store and took some pictures (bottled water shelves were half empty) I left the store. When I was leaving the lady approached me and said: “You cannot take pictures in our store”. Hmmmm…well I did. I explained I write a blog and want people to be aware of empty shelves after a minor disaster…..it’s who I am. No signs were posted saying “pictures” not allowed.

Toilet Paper-Family Cloth

When The Toilet Paper Is Gone-What Will You Do | via www.foodstoragemoms.com

No one wants to talk about toilet stuff. I get it. But here’s the deal, we need to talk about it. We all use the bathroom so let’s just lay all the cards out. Number one, I want my own emergency toilet and I want toilet paper to go with it. Now you can save your old phone books and use those pages to take care of your business as well. But today I am showing you how to make your own toilet paper cloth. I made mine in ten-inch squares. I am going to use my serger to go around all the edges to keep them from fraying.  Or I might sew them and turn them inside out and top-stitch. I bought a small garbage can and inside that can I have a zippered clothes bag to put the soiled cloth in to wash later. I will add apple cider vinegar to the water with my laundry soap to wash them.

Water Bottles For Rinsing

In the picture above you see two bottles. These can be filled with water and a drop or two of essential oil to rinse our private areas. It might seem really crazy to think about making your own cloth toilet paper. Well, these are really soft flannel squares with zero chemicals and fewer trees will be cut down than they need to make regular toilet paper. My daughters grew up with cloth diapers. I think more and more young mothers realize how expensive disposable diapers are. I keep reading where some very smart young mothers are starting to use cloth diapers. Yay! The first investment is a lot, but so is a monthly disposable diaper bill, even with coupons.

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All we can do is take baby steps to be prepared for the unexpected. But we need to start today. I hope this post motivates you to really think about how much toilet paper we can really store? We can use my emergency washing machine to wash and rinse the toilet paper cloth. We will need a way to hang up our laundry too! My YouTube, using my clothesline is on the Earth Easy website. I love that clothesline!

Food Storage by Linda

EarthEasy.com Clothesline

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  1. Don’t know how popular these are in the US, but most of the civilised world use bidets, so toilet paper is not an issue!

    • Hi Terry, bidets would be great! Linda

    • What happens if you don’t have an endless water supply to wash your posterior? This information relevant to ” in case of emergency” Also we have very many states in drought condition, meaning they dont have alot of water to blow up their a#$.

      • I am very concerned about the lack of water everywhere. If we end up with zero water we will all die. We cannot survive without water. We can survive a few days without food…but not without water. This is why we must all conserve water TODAY….and tomorrow. I am concerned about the lack of water. I wish I had the money for a rain barrel. I can only do what my budget can afford. The rivers are pretty far from my home. If they dry up…which they will….what can we do? Blessings, Linda

  2. Susan the farm quilter says:

    Super idea!! I have a bunch of flannel from quilting…guess what the leftovers will be made into!! Awesome idea – and the time to sew them in now, just in case!

    • Susan, I think we all have some flannel in our stash of fabric! Yes, the time to sew them is now. I thought I better just get the post up and slowly sew a few each day! Linda

  3. Angela Searles says:

    I assure you the U.S. is civilized!

  4. Message*love getting your info in my email each day. Am going to do this!

  5. Fabulous idea, but what if water is in too short a supply to spare for washing such bio-hazard items as often as needed? And the paper alternatives are gone, too? Suggestions?

    • Hi Terry, in my opinion if water is that scarce we will all be in trouble. We cannot live without water. I am very concerned with the shortage of water everywhere. My biggest fear for survival is running out of water…not food. We need both but we need water more than food. We can forage for food. If water is that scarce….we will not worry about the cloth toilet paper. That will be the least of our worries. Blessings Linda

  6. I think this is a great idea. I can recall when we used shelled corn cobs. Don’t laugh! But these worked. Your valued cloth will be much nicer on the sensitive skin.

  7. need two brown…1 white….use brown one then white one to see if ya need another brown one..(-8

  8. I use these and I LOVE them! I take mine along when I travel, I hate using tp!

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