Duct Tape 911 Book Review

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The book DUCT Tape 911 by Dr. James Hubbard: “The AMAZING Medical Things You Can Do To Tape Yourself Together”. He is The Survival Doctor. WHO KNEW ?? I mean REALLY … Duct Tape!!! The possibilities are endless, and Dr. James Hubbard has written a very interesting, comprehensive book about just that. “DUCT TAPE 911,” tells us amazing medical things you can do with duct tape!

Dr. Hubbard explains how duct tape is:
1. Versatile
2. Strong
3. Easy to tear
4. Easy to shape
5. Sticky- more than most other tapes
6. Waterproof
He gives you 6 ways you can tape your joints. The illustrations are great – simple { for people like me !! ], and the instructions are easy to understand and follow. I think this is very important because if you are in an emergency situation  { not sitting on your couch reading this} the wording is very precise.
Dr. Hubbard goes on in the next chapters explaining how to tape your skin, your eyes, tape your clothes and using this tape to perhaps save a life .. even your own!
My friend’s husband who is a Paramedic has come home with duct tape on a cut, but other than that it never occurred to me to have duct tape in with my emergency medical supplies. That has changed! Dr. Hubbard has done his homework and it really shows. The tips he shares are terrific and even makes you think about what you have in your house that you can use in an emergency.
Duct tape has three basic layers molded together :
1. A plastic, waterproof outside
2. A cloth middle
3. An inner rubber adhesive { THOSE ALLERGIC TO LATEX  SHOULD AVOID IT }


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Duct Tape 911 makes a very thoughtful gift — a book and a roll of tape! What could be better than that! Also, check out Dr. Hubbard’s other books and website:

Here are a few items he suggests for using Duct Tape in an emergency: ankle brace, knee brace, wrist splint, wart remover (I love that one), blister protector and so many more ways to use Duct Tape.

Remember, as Dr. Hubbard reminds people in his book….”Use of this information in this book is AT YOUR OWN RISK, intended solely for self-help, in times of an emergency, when medical help is not available.”

{Linda} I personally love this book because I always try to treat myself first and then seek medical help, if necessary. Thank you, Dr. Hubbard, for this fabulous Duct Tape 911 Book! I highly recommend this book for every family.

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