How To Be Prepared With An Emergency Toilet

How To Be Prepared With An Emergency Toilet

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How To Be Prepared With An Emergency Toilet…… I know this is not the most popular topic to discuss, but it is a very important one. If we have a disaster or unforeseen emergency and our sewer lines or septic tanks are unusable due to a power loss or destruction, here is one option we can use to dispose of our human waste. First, make sure you have a shovel to bury your human waste. Second, get a 6 gallon bucket, if possible, and the toilet lid below. Most emergency preparedness stores sell them. Here’s the deal with the expensive green bags, yes some are biodegradable, but in a disaster that will be the last thing on my mind. You will need ten-gallon bags, yes you can buy those expensive green ones, but you can go to Costco or Sam’s Club and purchase 500-ten-gallon bags for under $20.00.

Here is the list of “stuff” I put in my emergency toilet:

1. 500 count box of ten-gallon bags

2. Toilet paper-3 to 4 rolls

3. Hand sanitizer

4. Baby Wipes

5. Duct tape to hold the bags from slipping

6. Foldable shovel

7. Kitty litter, thanks to my awesome friend, Chris S. for telling me this!

I have put some links below to help you find the toilet seat. You can use a 5-gallon bucket from Walmart, but I prefer a 6-gallon bucket.  Never discard buckets you could possibly use in an emergency.


  1. Linda, definitely something we need to think about. I posted something yesterday that showed just taking a 5 gallon trash bag and slipping it over the toilet bowl, and then putting the seat down, so you’re still using your own toilet. Still have to dispose of the nasty stuff, but if you’re able to stay in your home, it might be nice to be able to use your own toilet instead of balancing on a bucket. Just another option.

  2. Another very helpful thing to have are a tennis ball for each toilet. When there isn’t running water the toilet becomes an opening for bugs and vermin. But if you jam a tennis ball in the opening at the base of the toilet bowl it helps to keep those things out of your house.

  3. Another idea is to use the toilet in your home use a bag and do your stuff use some kitty litter and toss away or bury or dispose.

    • Mark, I have got to go and get some kitty litter. I added that to my list on the post! Great idea! The home toilet with a bag is great! Linda

  4. when you bury your waste scoop a can of wood ask over it. 2 reasons….. 1 it will cut the smell down and 2nd it will decompose it faster

    • Ken, what is wood ask? Where can I order it? I will put this on my post. Thanks you so much!!!!!! Linda

      • That should read wood ash….just a typo or spell check gone crazy.
        Can’t order it, but you sure can make it. Great for slippery driveways too.

  5. I think he is saying wood ash Mark

  6. If you want something smaller to carry in your car, put a roll of toilet paper and some plastic bags into an empty #10 can and put one of the plastic lids on it. Now you can “go” on the go.

  7. illuminatis says:

    sawdust works great as an alternative to kitty litter, and can be picked up for free if you live near a sawmill.

  8. chris sampson says:

    Any suggestions for making it taller? I have trouble getting up from the low height

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