One Easy Way To Store Tomatoes Without Having To Peel Them

One Easy Way To Store Tomatoes Without Having To Peel Them

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Today I am showing you something I learned from my daughter, Heidi. We both grow tomatoes in our gardens. She said to me one day that she just put some tomatoes in her blender and blends them until they are smooth… peeling. Yes, I said no peeling, no blanching!!! I did this last year and I LOVED having a few jars that I could just blend or grind up and freeze. You thaw them a day or two before needing them and you have tomatoes ready to go.

We all have some excess tomatoes sometimes just after we have finished canning a huge batch. Maybe its one jar or two jars worth. Okay, I decided I would show our readers how easy this is to do….pick, wash and remove stems. They can be large tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, etc. You will not blanch or peel the tomatoes. Place the tomatoes in your blender and blend until smooth. Place the liquid in the jars leaving enough space for the liquid to freeze and expand…..that’s it! Love it!


Freeze your excess crop of tomatoes. No peeling necessary.

I would not freeze my entire tomato crop this way, just a few odds and ends that we have extra…..

I need to make one disclaimer here….when I was little my mother thought a jar of canned tomatoes would be our dinner… know canned tomatoes with milk. Nope, I still will not eat that. I still prefer Campbell’s Tomato Soup….with milk and saltines! I only use my canned or frozen tomatoes for vegetable soups, sauces, spaghetti, etc. I guess it’s a Linda thing…..LOL!

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  1. mdm samm says:

    I have done that too..I am with you on the campbells tomato soup..still one of my fav’s…now what type of jar is the idea of the screwed cap.
    Can’t say I have ever seen these?

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’d still have my Campbell’s tomato soup, but these would be great for spaghetti sauce or if I froze in little bottles I wouldn’t mind adding a bit to homemade salad dressings, like the French dressing or add a bit into a bacon ranch dressing.

  3. I do this and put the pulp in the fridge for a half a day or overnight and then syphon the water out of the bottom and then cook it about 20 minutes for a thicker sauce-like substance to can in jars.

  4. What size jars do you like to use?

  5. This is the best idea! I’m going to try it for sure!

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