12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items We Need

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Today I am showing you my 12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items that are the most important to me. I did not buy these all at once. I am not rich. I am very frugal and watch for bargains. I have always had a budget.  It doesn’t matter how much money you make, in my opinion, you need a budget. I have always had my monthly bills on automatic payment.

They are setup through my bank, and on the 25th of each month, I know exactly how much money I have to work with for the following month.

My First Four Emergency Preparedness Items:

1. Water Bricks is my number one item I would start with for emergency preparedness. If you have 55-gallon barrels or larger water containers, that is great. Remember, if you have a regular water heater you have that water as well if you keep the bacteria out of the water lines.

2. Food Storage is critical to sustain life, start with one #10 can at a time. Or add one bag of rice or beans to your grocery store cart each week. One extra can of soup might be the only meal you have after an ice storm, hurricane or tornado.

3. Oak Lump Charcoal stored in 6-gallon red buckets with Gamma Lids.

4. Volcano Stove you can use wood (if I had to I could burn my furniture to cook), charcoal or propane.

12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items | via www.foodstoragemoms.com

I Use Solar Power With These Four Emergency Preparedness Items:

5. Have a few alternative power sources-I prefer Goal Zero Solar Power generators.

6. You can power a CPAP-with a Goal Zero YETI 350 or YETI 400 (check your wattage).

7. I can grind my hard white whole wheat-this is critical to me-I make bread-please learn to make bread.

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8. You can power a nebulizer with the same Goal Zero Units above depending on your wattage (please be prepared before you need it).

12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items | via www.foodstoragemoms.comMy Last Four Emergency Preparedness items:

9. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 can power my Bosch Bread Mixer-this is critical for me. I can make bread by hand, but if I need make large batches for a group this will be a blessing.

10. Portable Washing Machine which is two 6 gallon buckets-one with holes drilled in the bottom placed inside another 6-gallon bucket. The holes will drain the small loads of laundry. Then I can rinse them in the same buckets. The excess water can be used for portable toilets.

11. First Aid Kit: make a list of all your prescriptions and add them to your emergency grab and go first aid kit. Slowly gather those first aid items you might need on a daily, weekly or monthly scheduled usage.

12. SunOven: this is a second way to cook my meals. This can be main dishes, bread, brownies, beans, and macaroni, etc.

I am telling you this so you can see that I live on a very tight budget……most people could or would not live on the amount of income I use each month in my budget. I hope this helps you find a small way to be prepared for the unexpected. Just start with a few items…you do not need to buy a pallet of food to be prepared, in my opinion. One extra can a week makes all the difference if someone in your family becomes unemployed or if your neighborhood has a natural disaster or unforeseen emergency.

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These are 12 top emergency preparedness items I would suggest to help you get started. I would save a few dollars a week to save up for the larger items you will need. This is one of the reasons why I say you need get to know your neighbors. Maybe you can grind your neighbor’s wheat and someone else can share their SunOven to bake your bread. We are all responsible to take care of ourselves. Please do not think that the government will be able to jump in and help everyone. That will not happen, at least not the right way. We must be able to take care of ourselves.

Sun Ovens are great if you have a lot of sunshine.

2 thoughts on “12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items We Need

  • November 3, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    I don’t even know what some of these items are. Have never heard of Izard oak charcoal.

    • November 4, 2015 at 8:56 am

      Hi Garnet, Ozark oak charcoal is just lump charcoal. This is why I write a blog to teach the world about food storage and emergency preparedness products. Linda


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