This area really concerns me the most above and beyond water, food storage, and emergency products. In other countries we hear about some very dreaded diseases like Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid, E-Coli, etc. If we are faced with a situation where no electricity is available, guess what…our city sewage pumping stations could stop functioning, then sewage backs up. Sewage can get into the streets, our water, our lakes, etc. I am not a scientist or micro-biologist….but bacteria is bacteria. We could have some really bad bacteria to deal with. Here is the deal, please get your neighbors and friends to purchase, make a “potty chair” or purchase  a “Reliance Luggaloo” available on has some as well. I purchased this one from Shelf Reliance.You can purchase 500 clear 10 gallon bags at Sam’s Club or Costco for about $10.00. This is a lot cheaper than the “green” bags….sorry..but waste is waste. Please get a potty chair and bags….lots of bags. And a shovel to bury our waste material. I hope we never have to use them but if we do we will be prepared……..

Other suggested items to collect and store:

Toilet Paper and Paper towels

Sanitizer……..lots of sanitizer…keep rotating it

Soap, bar soap, liquid soap, dish soap

Vinegar and Clorox

Baby Wipes, these can be used for mini baths, cleaning, etc.

Tooth paste, tooth brush, floss, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream and shavers

Hair combs, hair brushes, mirrors, elastic bands



2 comments on “Sanitation and Hygiene

  1. Great stuff for prepping. I noticed the potty chair that my husband who has Parkinson’s sometimes uses and thought…wow what a wonderful thing to hold on to for future use. One can pick them up at most recycling stores, set up a small tent behind the garage and you have an outhouse.
    Which reminds me. I have been doing some research on how to begin an outhouse. Not the actual house itself but the lower part of the ground work. Would it not be a good idea to have all that done before an emergency? and THEN put up the building last, or even a tent? I know I must be thinking outside the box here and I may really sound like a freak but my gut tells me that we are going to need it sooner than later. eh? Do you have any ideas on how to even begin an outhouse somewhere hidden on a property?

    • Hi Vivian, I am not going to make an outhouse where I live. Here’s the deal, it would take months to dig a hole in this hard clay where I live. I have two emergency toilets plus black bags and lots of cat litter. I realize it will be hard to dispose of the pee and poo but I will drag it (in bags) to a field and burn it. I wish you lived in my neighborhood, you are doing what I wish my neighbors would do. I wish they could see the vision you and I see that we need to be prepared before something happens. And it will. May God bless you for your efforts. Hugs! Linda

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