Our Preferred High-Capacity Water Storage Tanks

I went to the Home and Garden show here in St.George, Utah in April 2012.  I saw this awesome Blue HIGH CAPACITY WATER STORAGE TANK……well I am here to tell you I can’t be without this TANK.  Kendra and I are having two delivered that we just ordered.  It has two spigots…one to drain and one to fill a bucket!!! Kendra and I decided right away that this company is our PREFERRED HIGH CAPACITY WATER STORAGE TANK PROVIDER. PERIOD….They make the most amazing product in the world.

When it arrives we will make a YouTube so you can see how great this water container is.  It is BPA Free, UV resistant, will replace three 55 gallon barrels, can fit through doorways, and has a 160-gallon capacity, AND they are stackable.