I am going to give you my opinion on freeze dried food. Freeze dried or (FD) you will see this when you order your food storage is a process to dehydrate the food. The freeze-dried method is first, flash frozen then a low-level heat is applied to the product inside a vacuum chamber. The finished product is a premium or superior end product. In most cases, you can usually eat the food directly out of the can. They rehydrate quickly and taste as close to their freshly picked original flavor and texture as possible. The nutrition is higher than the regular dehydrated way of preserving.

You should really try the corn, green beans and peas right out of the can. Okay the strawberries, pineapple and apples are delicious as well. Great snacks! When I teach classes I have served every freeze dried fruit or vegetable available on the market. I have made chicken salad, tacos, lasagna, chicken enchiladas, etc. with freeze dried meats. You cannot tell the difference from fresh. I really love freeze dried cheese. I have cheddar, Colby, mozzarella, and Monterey jack freeze dried cheese. They typically have a shelf life of 20 years unopened and TWO years opened!!!  I never throw out moldy cheese anymore. Every food storage company has a different shelf life. The temperature of the area we store our food if it’s higher than 60-70 degrees will definitely shorten the shelf life as well.

Yes, you might think freeze dried is more expensive. I like buying freeze dried for two reasons. I can cook every day with it and I save money because I am not going to the store when I run out of something. I like the idea I can eat the fruit and vegetables as a quick snack directly out of the can. I like the fact that it cooks quicker than dehydrated. I will be showing you ways to use the freeze dried with YouTube soon as well as sharing the recipes I use every day using FD meat, veggies and fruits. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions:  linda@foodstoragemoms.com




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  1. Can and do you do your own freeze drying. Are home freeze dryers available. I just bought an excalaber 5 tray from a friend. I am trying it out tonight on tomatoes.

    • Hi Marcie, a company started selling a freeze dried machine for your home but man they cost like $4000.00. I can buy commercially processed food storage and set it on my shelves and know it’s sealed properly for that much money!! It’s way too expensive for me. You will love your Excalibur food dehydrator. I have the same brand and if I can see that I won’t be able to finish up some bananas before they go bad, I dehydrate them. They make great snacks. I love doing tomatoes especially when the garden is producing well. You can make tomato powder or keep them sliced in a jar. That is the best brand on the market. If you see frozen vegetables go on sale you can dehydrate them. Great for soups. I store them in quart mason jars.

  2. What brand of fd foods do you use?

    • Hi Jennifer, I buy Thrive Life, Honeyville, and Valley Food Storage. For short-term, I only buy North Bay Trading Company (one year shelf life). Linda

  3. Hi Linda, What is your opinion about Emergency Essential prices and value compared to Thrive Life, Honeyville and Valley Food Storage for freeze dried foods? I really enjoy your facebook page ideas.

    • Hi Lewisa, first of all, I like all four of those companies. Valley Food Storage is superb if you are looking for meals. I prefer Honeyville and Thrive the very most for freeze dried fruits and vegetables. I always look at the product, the weight, and price per ounce. BUT I also want to know which country they are buying the food from. I’m so glad you like my Facebook page. I have tried 99.99% of all food storage items out there. It has to be edible, that may seem weird but some of those packages I gagged on. The taste was so bad. I hope this helps, thanks again, Linda

  4. I wonder if you have tried any of the Pleasant Hill Grain products? Thanks.

    • Hi Sherry, I have purchased all of my 5-gallon colored buckets with matching Gamma lids from them. I also buy all my bread dough enhancer and wheat gluten from them. I have a wheat grinder from them as well. It’s a fabulous company that I highly recommend. Linda

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